Life: One to a customer!

You know, all of us have one. A life…your life, a God Given Life!

We dream, study, love and be loved, work and play.  These are the experiences that make us who we are.  My wife and I marvel at our thirty-eight years of LIFE together.  Through our LOVE we are now part of nine other lives, by chance of meeting, as strangers, in a nightclub, circa 1981.

Today our three children are married, as a matter of chance meetings, and are now responsible for six more lives. That is an impact that we wouldn’t have guessed that would happen. Especially when she meant to give me the wrong phone number… the old time and temperature number! 

My wife and I always pray and thank the good Lord for the bountiful blessings.  We are in a good place.  I am sixty-seven this month and my wife sixty-two…whew…where did the time go?

Some people ask me when will I retire?  I retort that I will never retire…helping our vets is a great honor and a driving force in our lives.  Over the last year, one of our sons and family moved some six hundred miles north to be closer to us.  Our daughter and family did the same.  We have the opportunity to watch their beautiful children grow and be part of their lives because of their parent’s selfless act of love and devotion to family. 

There are several men in my family that have served our country in the military and I am so proud of them, from WWI to the current day conflicts.  The draft ended in 1973, all those serving since then are volunteers, guardians of our freedoms.  One percent of our population have set their lives aside, offering everything for other Americans welfare!  That is PATRIOTISM!  Some gave all, all gave some. 

At this time of year, some of us celebrate new life through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Some of us celebrate the seasonal changes of new growth and sunshine.  Wherever you are at in your life, appreciate every day you have.  Ponder on good things, put aside negativity.  We thank the Good Lord for those days and in no small way, to our service men and women! 

Life is precious and fragile…so treat it that way. When you see one of our guardians about, give them a hardy Thank you for their service in protecting your life and your families!