Veteran’s Utility Issue Eased

Today, we would like to share a “Case of the Week” from our Sarasota Florida office.

We were approached by a VA caseworker about a combat veteran  who served in Iraq and suffers from PTSD.  She had been working as a medical assistant.  As has happened with millions, she lost her job and is unable to pay her utility bill.  We stepped in, covered the bill, and now she can concentrate on finding employment, funding her bills.

Fresh Start for Homeless Veteran

Today, we would like to share a Case of the Week from our corporate office located north of Youngstown Ohio in Liberty Township.

Fresh Start for Homeless Veteran

A veteran came to us that was homeless, but had begun to turn his life around into a positive direction.  He recently secured a job, but was living in his car waiting to get paid and secure a place to live.

In the meantime, Veterans’ Outreach was able to provide him a hotel, food, and gas to help him through until he gets that first check.


A female veteran moved here from California.  She suffered some setbacks and found herself to be homeless.  She remained homeless for six months.  When she came to us, we were able to immediately help with food and gas for her car.  We were also able to provide her with shelter and work with the VA to help her secure permanent housing.  She finally has an apartment.  We will be helping her with furniture for the apartment.

Heroes’ Passage Update June 2020

Heroes’ Passage Development has been stalled, pretty much, along with the rest of America’s businesses.  The gears of our nation and its’ principals are in clutch mode.

We still are hopeful and resilient to keep the life changing dream alive for this magnificent project for our vets in need of a change in life!

One of our highlighted market studies have been doing research and collaboration on the possibility of bee farming. An initial contact that we had was with Licking River Bees, which has over 70 members, most are veterans.

The directors were genuinely interested and are hoping that this alliance will help spread nationwide the importance of BEE FARMING for our agricultural needs. We had the pleasure of conferencing with Lori Bowling, county extension agent for horticulture at the University of Kentucky.  We talked a great deal about the project and the Bee Farming Program.  She was very helpful and agreed to help on our oversight committee! She wears allot of hats and she lives to work and share with other folks her knowledge and talents.

We had another hopeful conference on the project with a gentleman named John Berry. He is a decorated Army Vet that lead as a Battalion Commander during “Iraqi Freedom”.

He is a Nebraskan trial lawyer and is involved, nationwide, with his experienced Veteran Team, in fighting for our veteran’s constitutional rights. Especially, for the disabled vets.

He arranged the meeting with us and 4 other veteran nonprofits which was very informative.

I believe that John Berry, also, will be a tremendous help to the Project, Heroes’ Passage, once the proposal starts taking shape.

If anyone would like to help, in any way…you can! Please email me at [email protected]!                                 

 Thanks…John Ely


5th Annual Golf Scramble



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Our Nation Still Stands!

Our Nation Still Stands!
From Veterans’ Outreach President


Is that all you got? Yea…One punch and then a second punch to the guts of our nation. With all of the ugliness that 2020 has given to us in less than a year? What’s NEXT? The PANDEMIC and then the Floyd Riots have been one nightmare after another. The many trillions of dollars lost and over 100,000 lives lost? The property damages, businesses by the millions…forever gone? Dreams shattered and all of the carnage of everything added up? We should all have sticker shock!


Still, with the rest of the world watching in horror at what is going on in these United States, this is where we are wounded and weak and dramatically distracted. Perfect time for we Americans to fall prey to a nefarious foreign power, while we all struggle to figure out our own wokeness. (That word will be voted on The Word of the Year!) The nightmares forever have changed us! In the meantime, with all of these calamities going on around us, it is simply amazing that our Military continues to “STAND READY”. Those duties are still being attended too, while our elected and appointed leaders try to figure things out. There should be absolutely no manifestation of hate or discrimination in this world or this nation! The USA is a proud and a FREE Civilized NATION, founded upon great ideals like “liberty and justice for all”. But…that evil is still out there that feed off of sewing discord.


Recent events, images of public killings, vicious and riotous protests are terribly tragic, and we must overcome the issues that have initiated these problems. Veterans’ Outreach is proud to be “awoke” to the evil of discriminations. The hurt and the trauma that it inflicts on fellow human beings. It is true and reveals itself, that, we have lost God through these disparaging times. If we all can look at the GOOD BOOK once or again…it does preach that, “Every Man Is Created Equal”. Yes, and simply another timely message, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”!  Veterans’ Outreach has proven itself time and time again to have never displayed an iota of calculating the worth of one vet over another, because of their skin color. The fact is that most of the vets that we have helped and continue to help, are minorities. The greatest protector of all time is the American Soldier. Red, Yellow, Black, White, Republican, Democrat, and whatever the background, the American Soldier is a Universal being of ONE! They can tell you a story that when you are in that foxhole with a fellow soldier, you rarely will find a Bigot or Atheist! The lesson that should have been learned by all. It is time to wake UP!


A veteran suffered a stroke and was hospitalized for a time.  After his release, he could not work.  He came to us for help with his rented appliances, he was at the point of losing all of them for non-payment.  We paid his bill, he was so relieved.  Now he could focus on recovery and therapy to regain his life before the stroke.  We also directed him to pursue the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.