A Heartfelt Thank You to WRTA!

We are beyond honored to express our deepest gratitude to WRTA for including Veterans’ Outreach in the 2023 Holiday Lights campaign. This spotlight on service not only brightens our organization’s mission but also illuminates the incredible work of 11 other outstanding organizations.

Hats off to the incredible Co-Chairs – Shari Harrell, Barb Ewing, and Vince Brancaccio! Your leadership has not only sparked the magic of this campaign but has also given Veterans’ Outreach the opportunity to share our dedication to our veterans.

A big shout-out to the sponsors who made this possible – WKBN 27 Youngstown OH, BOP Social, and First National Bank. Your support has added a special glow to our collective efforts.

WRTA, your commitment to community engagement and spotlighting local organizations is truly commendable. Thank you for being a guiding light and providing us with a platform to share our mission of supporting veterans during the holiday season.

As we bask in the warmth of this acknowledgment, we eagerly anticipate future collaborations. Together, we can continue making a positive impact on the lives of our veterans.

To our supporters and fellow organizations, let’s keep the light of service alive this holiday season and beyond. Your continued support fuels our mission.

Spotlight on Service: Generosity Knows No Bounds

Generosity Knows No Bounds

We were touched by the kindness of a sweet retired couple who paid us a visit yesterday. Their donation, a pickup truck filled to the brim with non-perishable foods for the Freedom Food Pantry, left us in awe. Among the treasures they brought were all kinds of soups, vegetables, boxed items, and an abundance of holiday “fixins.”

Their heartwarming gesture comes from a place of pure generosity, as they simply want to make a difference in the lives of our soldiers.

Join us in saluting this remarkable couple for their selfless dedication to supporting our troops and contributing to a brighter, more nourished community.

FirstEnergy Foundation Joins Forces with Veterans' Outreach to Empower Veterans

FirstEnergy Foundation Joins Forces with Veterans’ Outreach to Empower Veterans

The FirstEnergy Foundation has joined forces with Veterans’ Outreach, generously providing a $2,500 grant. This grant is earmarked to enhance the quality of life for veterans residing and working in our community, specifically through the Direct Aid Program.

The FirstEnergy Foundation’s commitment to elevating community well-being pairs seamlessly with the mission of the Veterans’ Outreach Direct Aid Program. Direct Aid effectively addresses immediate needs, but upon closer examination, reveals deeper issues. The rising levels of poverty among veterans have far-reaching consequences, affecting their overall wellness and sense of purpose. Many veterans grapple with fixed incomes and are suddenly burdened by unexpected expenses. They are often caught in a dilemma, choosing between pressing needs such as repairing a hot water tank or paying the rent, fixing their car, or purchasing groceries. These are the daily challenges that our community’s veterans confront.

Veterans’ Outreach takes a proactive stance, building trust with veterans through attentive listening and formulating a comprehensive strategy to achieve success. We have established strong partnerships with other agencies to ensure that our services complement rather than duplicate existing resources, thus maximizing the impact of our assistance. Many veterans return or express their gratitude, emphasizing the relief, improved sense of purpose, and restored dignity they’ve experienced as a result of the support provided by Veterans’ Outreach. Importantly, it’s worth noting that the benefits of our efforts extend beyond the individual veteran, positively impacting their families, neighbors, and the broader community.

Thank you again, FirstEnergy for partnering with us to change and elevate veteran lives.