Extra Mile Goes a Long Way

Today, we share a “Case of the Week” from our Hartselle AL office.

Last weekend, our “Outreach Program” was at a new fundraising location in Tuscumbia Alabama. The representative was setup with our signage on the table as required, when our guy was approached by a veteran in need. He had some questions, and needed help. The rep took the time to talk to the man and find out his concerns. He then gave the man our phone number and all our information. The veteran called on Monday and needed assistance with food, and Ms. Carol is on top of it. My point is, everyone went the extra mile to help out a veteran. Our “Outreach Program” at the venue did exactly what we hope for, we reached out to a specific veteran right there, right then. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Lend an Ear to Help a Veteran

Today, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our Alabama office.

Today, we had a local veteran stop by the office to say hello. He has been getting wave after wave of bad luck. His wife passed away recently from a serious illness. He is trying to sell his house and is getting no takers, will probably face foreclosure, and needs to buy a truck so he can relocate. He himself has had a serious illness that he has beaten.

I believe that he just wanted some company for a while so he could share what was happening in his life. He wasn’t asking for anything but time and an ear or two. We listened and talked for a while and our office manager Carol packed up about a weeks worth of food for him to take to the house. At times you wonder just how much a person can take and what may happen to them, especially if they don’t have someone to listen.

Transportation for a Veteran

Today, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our Liberty Ohio office.

As background for this case, we remind our readers that our Ohio office helps veterans all across the state of Ohio. Recently, we were contacted through our website by an agency in Dayton Ohio.

The caseworker was trying to help a veteran that had recently moved to that area. He wasn’t eligible for assistance through the local VA agencies as he hadn’t lived there long enough. He had a job, but needed help with transportation to and from work.

We provided him with a 3 month bus pass and gift card for food. The veteran was very grateful, and excited for the new life he was building.

KY Veteran Receives Cool Comfort

Today, we share a very touching “Case of the Week” from our Grayson KY office as told by Regional Manager, Tammy Black.

We were contacted by the daughter of a Veteran. She said that her dad was in bad health and lived in a trailer and had no air conditioner. Only a fan. He has COPD and other breathing issues. After talking with her a while I was able to talk to him as well. He was so humble. He said, “Ma’am, if you could just find me one to borrow I would give it back”. I said absolutely not. It is our honor to give back to you the way you gave to us. We drove over an hour to his local Walmart. He met us there and we were able to give this man an air conditioner. This is what makes our work so fulfilling. He just kept saying thank you. We told him and we want to tell all veterans thank you! Without you, none of us would be living the life we get to live. It truly was an honor.