Staying in a Hotel

Another Case of the Week from our FL office. They are so busy there with veterans requests and we sure thank Bob Graham, the Regional Manager, for sharing with us.

A medically discharged veteran, together with her Case Manager from James A. Haley VA Hospital, Tampa, contacted me.  She’s the victim of domestic abuse and, with her 14 year old daughter, have left their residence for a local hotel. Despite a direct deposit designation, her VA check went to her house and she is unwilling to chance an encounter with her husband.  She’s been staying in a hotel and we will cover one of her nights together, for the other 2 nights required, with other agencies that the caseworker is assembling on her behalf.  After the holidays she will move out of state when her child has completed the current semester.

Dental Assistance

Our “Case of the Week” comes from our FL office, as written by our Regional Manager Bob Graham.

A 97 year old widow of a veteran, resident in a rural area north of Tallahassee, is virtually toothless and, on the advice of FL veteran officials, contacted us with regard to some dental assistance.  She is assembling the necessary documentation – with some difficulty since, as she points out, there was little or no educational system for her race at the time of her childhood, and her reading skills are lacking.  We promised assistance upon receipt of the documentation to verify her husbands’ service, etc.

Patient That Was Being Discharged

We want to share a case from our Sarasota Florida office for this week’s “Case of the Week”

Sarasota Memorial Hospital (highest rated hospital in the state, and very large) called our FL office regarding a patient that was being discharged, a veteran suffering from diabetes. Consequently, the veteran needed a special diet requiring special foods and had no money.   The hospital reached out to Veterans’ Outreach for help for this veteran. They knew of us through emergency services information. They contacted us with a plea to intercede with some food money.  We arranged the necessary coverage, gave it to his caregiver, and the groceries were covered. The hospital was very appreciative – as was the caregiver and of course the veteran.

The Water Is Coming Back On

This week, we want to highlight our “Case of the Week” from our FL office in Sarasota Florida as told by our Regional Manager, Bob Graham.

One of the VA caseworkers called us with an urgent request for a veteran with a family of 7, including 5 minor children. The City of St Pete has shut off the water to their home. The vet has an overdue bill of $162.50 which we have guaranteed, and the water is coming back on, just in time for Veterans’ Day.  He’s delighted and the caseworker says we have proved again that we “are the best”!