Veteran’s Apartment Building Sold

A veteran was told he had to move from his home within a week because the building had been sold.  After recovering from the shock of it, he was able to find a place quickly enough but couldn’t afford to get a truck.  Veterans’ Outreach paid for the U-Haul truck and got some people to help him with the move.

Christmas Toys for Struggling Veteran’s Family

I have been waiting for the right case to spotlight today, a few days before Christmas.  The Christmas song “If You Just Believe” was just playing on Pandora.  One of the Volunteers just told me about something that happened earlier today.

Here’s a reason to believe in Christmas and the love and brotherhood inspired by the birth of the Christ child.  A church group showed up this morning to donate some gently used toys, food, hygiene items, and dog food.  Our office team remembered a struggling veteran, his wife and 3-year-old fraternal twins that are in great need this year.  They called his wife, who is Hispanic, and can barely speak English.  However, words weren’t needed.  The Mom opened the box of toys and cried.  There was a very special doll for the little girl, arts and crafts items, and various boy toys.  We were able to set them up with food and hygiene items, as well as warm clothing.

This came together because of generous people, and we are so grateful to be the conduit for the public to be able to help us help veterans.


May God Bless Us All, Everyone!  

Veteran’s Power CUT and RESTORED

A veteran woke up one morning aware that his home was very cold.  He slowly began to move about and realized that his electricity had been shut off.  He struggles to make ends meet, especially since Covid has changed his circumstances.  He tried to get help from several agencies, but none could help him right away.  They referred him to Veterans’ Outreach, we made a pledge, and got his power restored immediately, while he sat in our office.

Veterans Outreach Pearl Harbor.

God Bless Each and Every ONE That Has Served!

I am an American, and I thank God and our veterans every day for that privilege!  Veterans’ Outreach wishes all veterans a blessed and inspirational Christmas season. This time of year is especially important to me, for I am A Pearl Harbor Survivor’s Son!

This year, December 7, 2021, is the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  In current day, we are into the Christmas season.  Try and imagine what the Christmas season was like in 1941, after the terrible attack on Pearl Harbor.  My father was a paramedic stationed at Hickam Field, where that dreadful morning of bombings took place. He nearly lost his life, while standing on the porch of his barracks.

What ensued could only be referred to as hell-on-earth!  He was injured during that attack but was able to help other soldiers get to the new hospital at Hickam Field. The wounded would have to be laid outside of the hospital for it filled up fast.

Many men were rescued from the burning water by my father. He bravely jumped into the oil slicked water time and time again to save lives for three days straight. He struggled with the impacts of war to his last breath.  He spent much of his life preserving the history of the attack. He was my Hero!

My uncle, father, brother, son, son-in-law, and those that serve and have served – I thank all of them for what they have done in their service to our country. My brother, a Korean/Vietnam Veteran, passed this past July.  This Christmas will be the first one that I will not have him. That is especially difficult for me and family.

Much of my life has been dedicated to helping veterans.  The charity that I founded, Veterans’ Outreach, had the profound blessing of having 110 acres donated by a lifelong patriot of Kentucky. His wish is that we help veterans.  So, we developed a plan to do just that – Heroes’ Passage: A Retreat for Veterans” is the projects name.  It is a monumental undertaking, and it will take big sponsors to get it off the ground.  We are seeking funding to get past the planning stage.  We are seeking a Christmas Miracle, and it can happen. $100, $1000, $10,000, or more at a time, until we reach the magic number to break ground.

Check out our site, for the description of the project and conceptual.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God Bless our Nation and God Bless our Military.

John Ely

[email protected]

Class President Works Hard to Help Veterans

A few months ago, a young man visited our office to let us know that he intended to lead a fundraising campaign to benefit Veterans’ Outreach and a fallen police officer’s scholarship fund.  He not only raised money for good causes, but he also raised awareness of how vitally important veterans and first responders really are in our everyday lives.  

The yard signs remind passerby’s every day. 

Thanks to the Flags4Heroes campaign, many veterans’ problems will be solved.

Thank you to the organizers and the participants.