Veteran Finds Hope for Future

Today, we would like to share a “Case of the Week” from our AL office.

Recently, we had a veteran come into our office to seek help with his utility bill.  He stated that he had just left the unemployment office and they had directed him to us.

He has just lost his job of 15 years due to a scale back and he hated to ask us for help, since he had never needed help in the past. We told him that that is why we are in existence, and it was our privilege to help him through hard times.  We helped him with what we had on hand.

He stated that he had a degree in Criminal Justice and that he had wanted to be a police officer. We told him of a local police department that may be hiring, and sure enough, that night on the news it stated that this police department was indeed hiring.

Veteran Seeks Shelter From the Storm

A previously homeless veteran has an apartment thru the VA for he and his wife.  The monetary requirements to pay the application charge and other fees, which the VA is not allowed to cover, has left him short of funds to pay his utility charge and his case worker has asked Veterans’ Outreach to help just in time to avoid an initial shutdown.  With Hurricane Dorian looking to hit his area, he and his wife are very happy they will have shelter and not tossed out for non payment!

Veteran Arrives with a BANG and Departs in Quiet Dignity

A veteran that drove into our parking lot was immediately noticed. His muffler had fallen off. This veteran is elderly and lives on a very meager monthly amount. He had nothing to spare to get his vehicle repaired. He asked for help with replacing his muffler.
We were able to help him negotiate a good price to get his car road worthy and we paid for the work. Now he can go about his normal life with respect as all veterans deserve.

Veteran’s Murder Leaves Mother in Desperate Times

The mother of a veteran called regarding possible assistance on an apartment that she and her son shared – including the rent. We told her that that was possible depending upon required documentation. We did not hear further until about a week later when she called in, asking whether we had read about a man found shot to death in a local pond. That was her son.
With all of that to deal with she still, of course, had the same difficulty in meeting the rent. We received all the documentation and were able to help her out on that problem, which gives her some peace of mind. The local police have not yet determined the circumstances or the shooter. Plus, she lost her husband and her other child within the last 12 months. Wow, how does one endure?