Veteran’s Good Deeds Pay Back
Today, we want to highlight a “Case of the Week” from our office in Liberty Township, Ohio. 
Veteran’s Good Deeds Pay Back 
A veteran was working at a nearby auto repair garage. He is an excellent mechanic with a generous and kind heart. He would often go the extra mile for a fellow veteran that had car problems. However, he did have some problems explaining his “generosity” to his boss, the owner of the garage. This led to tension in the workplace.
Another auto repair shop up the road is a veteran-owned business. This shop has helped veterans numerous times with discounted or even free help with auto repairs. Our Services Director, Bob Julian, learned of the tension at the nearby shop. He suggested that the mechanic go visit the other shop’s owner. The other shop greeted him warmly, and with our backing, the mechanic was hired on the spot. We are so grateful we could step in and help find this veteran a place to continue his generosity with like-minded people.
Veteran and Single Mom of 4 in Need
Today’s Case of the Week comes from Sarasota, FL, written by our regional manager, Bob Graham.
A single mom who is also a veteran called me late last week. She has 4 children and is trying to move into a new home. Unfortunately she found out that her move in date has been delayed by the landlord. Some local agencies supported a few nights at local motel, but at this point there is no funding left. The local agencies advised her to call me. I immediately responded and spoke with the motel manager. We guaranteed that night and sent a check to cover to cost. We also were able to give her leads on additional funding. We are so happy we could help this veteran and her family in a time of crisis. They were more than grateful.
A Smile Goes a Long Way
Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota, FL office written by Bob Graham. 
We were approached by a VA case manager for a local veteran who has recurring bouts of “deep depression” – the most recent so debilitating that he was unable to summon up the energy to stay current on his utility bills. 
Knowing of our partnership agreement with the local power provider, the manager contacted us on his behalf – we arranged to pay the outstanding balance and the case manager said the vet actually smiled!