Hard Work & Years of Dedication
Today’s Case of the Week comes from our corporate office in Youngstown, Ohio. 
This past week we were invited to the Annual Veterans’ Appreciation Luncheon here in Youngstown. Bob Julian, our services director, went to represent our organization. 
Much to our surprise, we were awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Mayor of Youngstown and the Mahoning County Veterans Service Commission.
We are very grateful and also humbled to be recognized for the hard work that we do for veterans. 
We always feel like we have so far to go, so much to do, but sometimes it’s important to look back and see how far we’ve come. Thanks to the grace of God and thanks to all of our volunteers and employees we are well on our way.
Cutting Through the Red Tape
This week’s Case of the Week is written by Andy Mckee, our Grayson, KY regional manager.
I received a phone call about 30 minutes ago from a concerned friend of a Veteran who was trying to get into a drug rehab facility but had been given the run around by every other organization he had talked to. The Veteran and his friend were calling from southern Indiana, so I brought up the inpatient substance abuse program at the Lexington VAMC. I placed the Veteran and friend on hold instructing them not to hang up while I called to get the correct information of who they need to get in contact with. After being on hold and being transferred a million times, I finally got in contact with the actual intake person. As it turns out, the friend could not make the actual referral because it has to be an agency or organization who refers the Veteran. I asked if I qualified as an authorized representative, and I was. With the Veteran’s permission, I got the information needed so we could help him further.
Long story short, while acting on the Veteran’s behalf, our office here in Grayson, KY assisted a Veteran in Indiana into getting into a VA drug rehab program in Lexington, KY
This is a great example of how our organization helps beyond just financial assistance. We are grateful to be able to help this veteran and other veterans like him.
A True American Hero
Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Hartselle, AL office written by Mike Johnson.
Recently we had a Vietnam Veteran come to our office accompanying, another vet who was 91, and applying for assistance. The first thing that we noticed was the Vietnam Veteran’s hat which had Bronze Star Recipient emblazoned on it. We asked him what his Star was for, and he simply said, “I ran the wrong way.” We left it at that. 
Our office manager then asked the same question a little later, to which he responded: “I saved my whole unit, I went to the rear with some grenades and a rifle to buy time them to get away.” 
We told him thank you for your service, knowing that there were no parades or public fanfare for those returning from Vietnam. It has always bothered us that these veterans were largely mistreated upon their return home, so whenever we get a chance to express our thanks for their service, we do so wholeheartedly. Luckily our position at Veterans’ Outreach enables us to encounter more of these Vietnam era heroes. This veteran is a true hero. We are so happy and honored to have met him.
Laughter is a Mini Vacation
Our Liberty office has the Heroes’ Closet Program. Lots of clothing is donated. The clothing is processed and veterans are able to browse through it and choose what they need at no cost. On average, we give away over 100 articles of clothing each week. 
Yesterday, Michelle, one of our office team put out some additional items. She came across a pair of mens pants that were pin striped pink. She wagered with our Bob, our Services Director that no one would ever choose those pants. He agreed to the wager. 
A veteran came for his appointment to get help and while waiting chose some things from our pantry. He met with Bob and they talked. Bob told him about the pink pants and asked the veteran to choose the pants and really make a fuss about how much he liked them.
All in good fun, the veteran went back to the clothing and picked up the pink pants and just exclaimed “Oh my goodness! These are nicest pants I have ever seen, and oh, they are my size! Could I really have these pants?” Michelle jumped up, and looked at the vet, and told Bob the bet is off – it’s a setup and so on. Everyone got a good laugh, especially the veteran. Laughter is a mini vacation.