The Right Place to Call

Our office in Hartselle, AL is always thinking outside of the box to find solutions and make referrals. One of our greatest assets is knowing the assets around us and vice versa. Just this past week our Regional Manager received a call from James Britt in California with AHV. He called us because there is an upcoming veterans’ event in Huntsville, AL and he needed a speaker for the event. WIthout a moment’s hesitation, Carol knw exactly the vet to call. She recommended  Mr. Borden who is DAVM and head of the Veterans’ Museum in Athens, AL. We are honored to know him and so glad that this is going to work out. We all work together to lift veterans up.

Veterans’ Outreach Sold Out Special Event

 Veterans’ Outreach first 2023 Special Event was a humbling success. “Tine Time” was something we had never done, and we are so grateful for the support from our attendees and sponsors.  100% of those funds will go to our mission, helping our vets in need! We don’t receive a penny of Government funds. We are 29 years in the making and helping veterans hundreds of thousands of times.

This Event was made possible by a local patriot, who remains anonymous.  He had a down payment for the space at the swanky Lake Club, by Poland, Ohio for a special event in his life that was cancelled because of Covid.  He decided to donate his deposit to Veterans’ Outreach to host an event for veterans aid and awareness.

The Event was a Valentine Dinner Dance, we called the “The Tine Time”.  Tine has many meanings like PURE, God is Abundance, etc…little did we know!  We wanted this event to be for everyone, not a sweetheart occasion, but a time to celebrate love, friendship, and veterans.  We asked our 4-year-old grandson if he had an idea for the Event’s name since we were stumped.  We offered him a bunch of options and he looked at us like we were off our rocker and said “You’re a Tine”.  It stuck and the name “Tine Time” was adopted, coming from the mouth of the babes.

The room was beautifully decorated, the games and auctions were intriguing, the food was delightful, and the premier of the six piece Leather and Lace Dance Band was fun and fantastic!  There was a basket auction, 50/50, Poker, and a Silent Auction. Everyone had a blast of a time. The only sour note came from my wife, Teri, who developed  laryngitis and wasn’t even able to whisper. She smiled pretty and kept things in order without a word.  I am so proud of her, voted as one of 2022’s  “Most Remarkable Woman” and then during Veterans’ Day week, honored with the “Hometown Hero” award along with Veterans’ Outreach!

There were four types of appetizers passed by the wait staff.  There were three entrees, four or five sides, and cakes for dessert!  The band came together after my suggestion that I would like a bigger presence for the Lake Club.  Jennifer Cancio, the band’s leader, pulled together three more musicians and it seemed like they’d been together for a long time.  The band enjoyed the experience so much that they decided to pursue more jobs together.

We have many other events happening this year, next is the “Stars and Strikes” Bowling Tournament in April.   We hope you’ll be able join us whether as a player or a sponsor.  All proceeds benefit local veterans. is our site.  We are very active on Facebook.  We publish a monthly newsletter…to keep you up to date of the many services that are helping our veterans in need. If you would like to get involved, become a sponsor/donor, volunteer, partner, developer, or just a veteran loving patriot, please let us know.

 We have operations Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Kentucky, Florida, and Alabama. We have a big footprint and looking forward in helping grow into other states as well!  Funds raised stay in the state they originated from.

 You can reach me at 888.2.VET.NET or 330.755.5792 or email me at [email protected]

God Bless our nation and our veterans that volunteer to protect it!

We must respectfully serve and honor them today and every day.

John Ely, President

East Palestine.

East Palestine Residents – Our Hearts Go Out to You

According to our Transportation Secretary, there are about 1,000 derailments a year! Have there been any like what happened in this quiet little town of East Palestine?

I am sure there isn’t anything as devastating and alarming as this Ohio town is experiencing!

The children are the most vulnerable, for any carcinogenic chemicals, will cause long lasting and debilitating effects to their health.  We are not sure what the long term and short-term effects will be.  Norfolk Southern Railway Company reporting five toxic chemicals found in air, soil, or water surrounding the crash site. They are vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate, ethylene glycol, isobutylene, and ethylhexyl acrylate.  Here’s a quick rundown of each chemical’s toxicity — and their byproducts when burned, which can also be toxic.

Vinyl chloride has gotten the most attention so far. It’s a colorless, flammable gas and a known carcinogen.  Most studies on vinyl chloride are related to occupational exposure or to residents who live near factories that produce it. Those longer-term, chronic exposures could lead to certain liver, brain and lung cancers, lymphoma, and leukemia.

Short-term exposures, like those in East Palestine, can lead to irritation in eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. People can also suffer from headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, or tingling in the arms and legs.

As vinyl chloride burns, the gas can form byproducts including hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and traces of phosgene. The EPA tested 480 homes in and around East Palestine and they say that they did not detect vinyl chloride or hydrogen chloride in any of them. Is that some confidence building?

The EPA has not indicated whether it tested for phosgene and has not yet returned STAT’s request for comment on the matter. Phosgene is hazardous at very low levels, noted Schettler, and has been used as a chemical weapon in war. “It’s highly corrosive to the lungs at really low levels, at fractions of a part per million.”

There should have been a planned response from the Railroad. This kind of transportation dates back 600 years (1550)!  You would think that we would have developed all kinds of scenarios by now!  We are in the age of misinformation. I can’t point the finger to anyone except NSR.  Wasn’t there a better way to handle the chemicals without spilling them onto the open soil?  To me, it looks like they reacted in haste, to have a controlled fire and exacerbate the poison multi statewide!  With today’s technology – it just seems like the idea of dumping and burning was an idea from hundreds of years ago – where were the environmentalists in this decision?

From my vantage point, I thought about planes or aerial tankers that could have doused the fires and cooled the chemical holding tanks.  Even if dumping the chemicals was the only solution, wasn’t there some kind of liner to put down and then have a vacuum and other tankers carry it away from the site and get it to a certified toxic dump land fille?

Time will tell what will happen.  I hope that it can be cleaned up, but I believe that NSR should offer to purchase all of those homes , businesses, and land at pre-disaster values and allow the innocent victims a chance to move forward in their lives.  These people were just living their lives, and now they have this!?!?

The contaminants spread into other regions and won’t be known for a long time or ever.

Our charity, Veterans’ Outreach, is located 25 miles from ground zero. We offer our help and support to veterans in East Palestine. If you care to help those vets with a donation, you can send it to Veterans’ Outreach @ 7 Belgrade Avenue Youngstown, Ohio 44505 or go to our website,

May God Bless East Palestine.

Networking to Enhance Veteran Lives

Networking to Enhance Veteran Lives

This past week at our branch office in Hartselle, AL, we had an unlikely and very welcomed phone call from Mr. Borden. He is head of the Veterans’ Museum in Athens, Alabama. He had called and requested mission papers from us to hand out there to spread the message of the excellent work we are doing and try to reach more veterans. We also received a phone call from the west side of the state with a rental company there wanting some of our brochures to have available as well!  We love working together with veteran-friendly organizations and businesses all over the states we are in to help as many veterans that are in need as possible. Working together spreads our message of available assistance, which is a win-win across the board!

Stepping Stone in a Time of Great Need

One of the worst things that can happen to a person, especially a family, is a house fire. Recently, that is exactly what happened to a family nearby. Their apartment caught on fire and they lost everything. They got out with their lives and that is all that truly matters, however, the reality sunk in of their situation, realizing that they basically have to start all over. The Red Cross stepped in and was able to get the family 3 days at a hotel. When we received the call we jumped right in. We were able to provide the family with food, fuel, clothing, and referrals for housing while they figured out what they are going to do. We are grateful that they are okay and that we were able to provide them with a sense of solace in this time of loss. Things are just things, they can now move forward, rebuild and find a new place to call home. We are grateful to have been the stepping stone for them that they desperately needed.