We Strive To Network Constantly

This week, we want to share the “Case of the Week” from our Liberty Ohio office.

We were visited by someone from our local USO office. He was working with a veteran that had just been able to secure housing. The USO was searching for furnishings for the veteran when someone called to tell them that they wanted to donate a house full of furnishings. This was perfect timing for the veteran. Just one big problem, no way to pick up the items.

This is why the USO rep came to us. We were able to rent a truck for them to move the furnishings. We strive to network constantly to develop the best solutions for those that we serve, the American Veteran.

Bill Was From a Previous Tenant

We bring the “Case of the Week” to you from our home office in Liberty Township Ohio.

A veteran came to us concerned with a problem regarding his water bill. He moved to a new location. After moving in, he was hit with a very large water bill that he was unable to pay. He contacted the water company and told them it couldn’t be his bill since he had just moved in. The water company rejected his idea. The water ended up being shut off. He then came to Veterans’ Outreach for help. He met with Bob, our Services Director. Bob got in touch with Congressman Ryan’s office and other local agencies. While things were getting sorted out, which took a couple of weeks, we allowed the veteran to fill jugs, bins, buckets, and whatever he had with our water here at our building using an outside hose outlet. I saw him come by for water several times. The water company finally did agree that most of the bill was from a previous tenant. We helped him pay his bill, and now he doesn’t need to come by to fill his vehicle with water vessels. Now he can move on to living his life.

Off to a New Start

Our Florida wanted to share this case as our “Case of the Week”.

A veteran called on the recommendation of the Homeless Veterans Assoc.  He left Colorado to pursue 3 employment possibilities in the Sarasota area.  There were problems along the way, his car broke down in Alabama. He found out that he needed a new transmission, the cost would be $2200, but the care was only worth $1200.

He got a ride from a trucker (who did a quick background check before allowing him to ride!).  Initially, he was able to cover his living expenses, but ran out of money and became homeless.  Two of the three local job possibilities didn’t work out, but he had an encouraging response from a Tampa golf club who would “get back” to him.

On his second night sleeping on the street he was assaulted and robbed. He did get a break when the Tampa club he would have a job if he could get there.

That’s where Veterans’ Outreach came in. He asked for bus fare and hotel room. We covered both and rounded up to some additional funds for food and living expenses.  The veteran is off to a new start and swears he will be a serious donor to Veterans’ Outreach.

Complete Restocking of his Refrigerator

This week, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our Sarasota, FL office as told by Regional Manager Bob Graham.

A Veteran resident in Orange City, Volusia County was a victim of Hurricane Matthew. He was evacuated from his mobile home and when he returned he was without power. It had been down for 4 days, all his refrigerated food had spoiled.  The complete restocking of his refrigerated was not in the budget, as he lives on Social Security Disability.  His VA Case Manager suggested he call Veterans’Outreach for any possible help. We will send money so that he can eat again – he and the Case Manager are very pleased for the assistance!