Perseverance Fulfills Veterans’ Final Request

A veteran passed away in October, 2020.  He was cremated as requested.  However, due to a fire in the National Archives in 1978, his final wish to be buried at the local Veterans Cemetery was denied.

His family came to Veterans’ Outreach for help. 

After a year of “due process” and working with local and national groups, and Senator Paul Rand, his final wishes are finally to be realized.

Through Hell and Back

It seems we all have something to whine and moan and complain about! August 30th, January 6th, Floyd, the southern border crisis, COVID-19 and the variants, defunding the police, taxes, gas prices, our environment, and food prices, and so many more things that we are surviving.  

But, we are still here, “one nation under GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. As long as we breathe, albeit, sometimes erratically, we can do something about it.

I love our America, our military, and the blessings that we do have and share. Some have it rougher than others, remember to “count your blessings”. The richness of our compassion and our love of having the opportunity to be all that you can be, is here, more than anywhere else. It is truly our treasure. We don’t see thousands of people trying to out of our country, do we? 

My duty in life is to help as many veterans as possible that are especially war impacted.

I recently had an eye-opening Zoom meeting with a group called The Veterans Alliance which is comprised of 240 nonprofit organizations that provide support for veterans nationwide. 

The September meeting had a distinguished soldier guest named Shilo Harris. His story is truly inspirational. He was serving in Iraq and was nearly killed after he was blown up by 700 lbs of an IED explosive, while he was riding in his Humvee. 

Three of his buddies were killed, but, his driver and he survived. He had severe burns over 35% of his body. Ears incinerated, his nose, fingers, and the majority of his skin on his head/face, etc., were gone. 

He suffered in a coma for 48 days before he finally woke up. He thought that he could just get up and walk out of the hospital. When he realized what had happened, he was deeply depressed.   His loving father came in with a brave face, and asked his burned-up son, “What are you going to do soldier!  What are you going to do now, SOLDIER!

That is when he knew that he had to start moving or he would become and stay in a state of hopelessness. Years of therapy and 76 operations later, he now shares his story, his trials and successes to encourage other soldiers that are still lost in the dark.

Please watch the links that I have attached and look to picking up his book, The STEEL WILL!


Veteran’s Car Repair Interrupts Healthy Living

Outside forces and circumstances beyond our control create issues for all of us; and these push their way into our place of comfortability and security.  Add that to a veteran suffering from PTSD and other medical conditions can lead into a place of hopelessness and helplessness.


Such is often the case when a veteran shows up at the end of a long day; not knowing where, when, how or who to turn to for immediate needs.  Recently, a veteran came to us for help getting a car out of the shop, to be able to get to doctor’s appointments which have already been scheduled and changed three times, plus needing to get his medication in a timely manner.  We were able to help him with getting his car repairs paid and get him on the road.  His tearful response was “Thank GOD, Veterans Outreach was able to help; was there when I needed them.”

Storm Shatters Veteran’s Sliding Door Glass

A female Veteran called with a unique problem.  Her sliding glass door had shattered in a thunderstorm and her homeowner’s policy did not cover glass.  She had recently purchased the home and had just moved in when this happened.  The Veteran went on to explain that moving costs left her quite broke and she needed some financial help with the repair.  She had called several agencies and her situation did not fit their criteria for aid.


In the meantime, she had placed a shower curtain over the broken glass door.  She contacted us and we found a vendor to make the repair and that also agreed to accept our promise to pay.  They started the repair the very next day.  Veterans Outreach paid half the bill and the Veteran homeowner said she could manage to pay the other half. The homeowner expressed how relieved she was to again feel safe from intruders and protected from the elements with the repair done.


We were touched when the homeowner called us to make “repayment arrangements” for the amount we covered on the repair. She was so relieved when we thanked her for her military service & let her know while that was not required, we looked forward to when she could donate to help other vets in similar need.  She emphatically expressed her gratitude for Veterans’ Outreach being here for her and other veterans in need!

American Legion Post 472 “Saddle Up for Soldiers” Poker Run

Once again, the members and friends from American Legion Post 472 hosted a Poker Run to benefit Veterans’ Outreach programs for veterans.  Their selfless work and dedication are humbling and energizing at the same time.  We were invited to a check presentation and were overwhelmed with their generous support of our mission to honor and serve all veterans.  They raised nearly $4,000 for local veterans.  They not only provided monetary support but praised our work and offered help at any time.  We were greatly honored by this very patriotic American Legion and its members.  This donation will enable us to help many veterans with problems that are unique and often critical.  With this help, veterans can go about their daily business of living and moving forward with a better life.

Thank you, American Legion Post 472 from all the veterans that will benefit from your event.