Veteran’s Car Repair Interrupts Healthy Living

Outside forces and circumstances beyond our control create issues for all of us; and these push their way into our place of comfortability and security.  Add that to a veteran suffering from PTSD and other medical conditions can lead into a place of hopelessness and helplessness.


Such is often the case when a veteran shows up at the end of a long day; not knowing where, when, how or who to turn to for immediate needs.  Recently, a veteran came to us for help getting a car out of the shop, to be able to get to doctor’s appointments which have already been scheduled and changed three times, plus needing to get his medication in a timely manner.  We were able to help him with getting his car repairs paid and get him on the road.  His tearful response was “Thank GOD, Veterans Outreach was able to help; was there when I needed them.”