Suffers From PTSD

This week we will publish the “Case of the Week” from our corporate office where we see hundreds of veterans each month. We like to publish cases from the regional offices to encourage more veterans to go to the offices for help.

A young Army veteran recently discharged didn’t transition well from military to civilian life. He suffers from PTSD and found himself with broken relationships and unable to keep a job which then led to homelessness, often sleeping under a bridge.

He was referred to our organization from Family Services. We immediately provided him shelter, food, clothing, and bus passes. He came back several times for additional supplies while he was getting his life together. Our Services Director, Bob Julian, worked with Family Services to get him counseling which has helped him manage the PTSD. In the meantime, he has been able to apply for jobs and now he has a very good chance of securing employment.

Single Parent of 2 Girls

This “Case of the Week” comes from the pen of Bob Graham, the Regional Manager of the FL office.

A veteran that is a single parent of 2 girls, age 4 and 2 1/2, is struggling to make ends meet while he carries out his parental responsibilities. He has fallen behind on his water bill, asked his VA HUD-VASH case worker where he could turn to for assistance, and was directed to us for help before the water was turned off.

I immediately contacted the provider, guaranteed the $138.98 overdue which avoided shutdown. Payment was sent in a speedy manner to complete the transaction.

He is really grateful that he doesn’t have to worry about having no water while he’s minding his girls.

Robbed and Lost His Food Allotment

This week, our case comes from our office in Hartselle Alabama.

Recently, a VA HUD caseworker came in and asked if there was something we could do to help a veteran that he was working with. This veteran was given a place to stay by HUD and a card for food, but was robbed and lost his food allotment by the robbery.

We said certainly, went to the food locker and fixed him up with a box of food to carry him over until HUD could replace his allotment card. The Alabama VA HUD caseworker and associates were very appreciative of our help, as was the needy veteran.

The overall dignity and quality of life for each veteran that comes to us is our primary concern, often times that means meeting the most immediate need.

Didn’t Make Him Beg Like Other Agencies Had

Today, we bring you a “Case” from our Grayson KY office as written by our Regional Manager Tammy Black.

We had a 20-year veteran come into the office with his wife and child. The veteran was very concerned about his little girl. The child has a disease that causes her teeth to decay away and is very painful. The came in and explained that she was going to need them all removed and it was going to cost them $2700 and they did not have the funds to pay for it.

Although that is much more than we could help with, we were able to give them $100 check towards her dental and we also gave them a whole months worth of food from our food pantry so that their grocery money could also go towards the dental which should enable them to put quite a bit more to the bill. As a side note, our food pantry is filled with all food groups including meats and fresh foods.

As he was leaving the office, he broke down in tears because we didn’t make him beg like other agencies had. We are so happy that we can help make this little girls life better considering the sacrifice her father made for us!