WWII Veteran in Desperate Need
This week’s Case of the Week comes from our Hartselle, AL office written by our Event Coordinator, Mike Johnson. 
We had a family come in that had “adopted” a 96-year-old WWII vet. They had stated that he was living with his son and had been living in conditions that would be hard for young people to endure. 
Winters were 30 degrees in his house and summers were stifling hot. Church folk that they are, when they went to visit the vet, she told her husband that day that the man was coming home with them. 
They came to our office and we supplied them with some food and clothes from our pantries and will help with their next utility bill. The people had heard of us through our employees at a Walmart, our contribution tables also serve as an advertisement as to who we are and what we do.  
We are very glad that they came in. 
Pooped Out on Personal Problem
Today, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our corporate office in Liberty Township, Youngstown Ohio.
Pooped Out on Personal Problem
A veteran came to our office in despair over his water bill. He had a disconnect notice and owed a whopping $1,300. He had two recent surgeries for his neck and his back and was still suffering from other physical ailments.
He had visited other agencies but wasn’t able to find help anywhere. He had called the water company but wasn’t able to improve his situation. Bob, our Services Director, asked the veteran why his water usage was so high – the veteran responded, “Have you ever had diarrhea?” “For a month?” Bob didn’t have an answer for that.
He called the water company, explained the situation, and was able to negotiate a payment plan and cancel the disconnect. Veterans’ Outreach paid for the 1st month of the plan.
A Hand Up for Veteran in Need
Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota, FL office written by our regional manager, Bob Graham.
A local woman just lost her mother a couple of months ago. When this happened she decided to bring her father down to live with her from Missouri. 
He has a number of physical issues – essentially stemming from a jeep accident when he served during the Korean “conflict” – which has affected his quality of life. 
He approached the VA many times on getting some pension benefits but it has been resisted and he has not even heard from them for the last 1 1/2 years. 
She wanted advice on how best to have the situation looked at now that he is in FL, asked one of the local Sam’s Club employees on where to go, and she was told to contact our office. I went through the various possible channels with her, suggested the most relevant contact for her and she will follow up – keeping us informed on how it is going. Veterans’ Outreach is frequently used as a valuable information source as well as a possible donor of financial assistance.
We are happy would could help this veteran find the answers he so desperately needs.
Planning Ahead Pays Off
This week our Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota, FL office written by Jan Worrel, our EC there.
We had a wife of a veteran call us this week. They needed help with their electric bill. It is from Lakeland Electric, not an electric company that we get a lot of requests for. Bob had about a year ago, filled out paperwork for Lakeland Electric stating we were a Non-for-Profit Veterans Organization and sometimes we do get a request for Lakeland Electric, so we can be classified as a Charity Organization. 
She went on to tell me that her husband had a biopsy on his chest wall. The biopsy came back with atypical Lymph nodes, due to the type of atypical lymph nodes, they have to send the pathology slides out to Mayo Clinic for further evaluation on how to treat him. In the meantime, he fell at work and possibly has torn his rotator cuff and is unable to work now.
We were able to assist them with their electric bill. 
We are happy we could help in this time of great need!