Exposed To Agent Orange

This week, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our corporate office in Liberty Township OH.

Bob Julian, our Services Director, visited with a veteran that was referred to us by the local Veterans Service Commission. This man is a Vietnam veteran exposed to Agent Orange. He is suffering with lung cancer right now, taking chemo treatments. His gas has been shut off in his residence.

Bob called the gas company and was able to reduce the required payment from $400 to $200. Then Bob called several other agencies for more help for this veteran and got the same answer everywhere – all out of funds. Then one of them told him there is just one place that might help – Veterans’ Outreach. When the man realized that Bob was calling from Veterans’ Outreach, he generously extended his gratitude for all that we do.

Then Bob called Protestant Family Services and they agreed to help this veteran. In collaboration with them, we were able to get the gas turned back on. In just a matter of minutes, we were able to respectfully help make this veterans’ life a little easier.

Water Is Back On

This week’s case comes from our Sarasota FL office, as written by our Regional Manager Bob Graham.

On the advice of her case worker at the Viera (FL) VA Hospital, Betty called the Sarasota office for help.  Six year Navy, single mom with a 4 year old daughter, and a low paying job typical of the Florida economy, she was struggling to cover her insurance premium and let her water bill go.  The water was shut off and those of us who have raised kids know just how dirty a 4 year can get without really trying.  I contacted the water company, guaranteed the bill + restart charges, and water is back on.  Betty (and I’m sure the daughter) are just delighted (FL heat indexes are running 105 – 106 currently!).

Prompt Rental Help

This week our “Case of the Week” comes from our office in Sarasota, FL as told by our Regional Manager, Bob Graham.

A veteran from Lakeland, Polk County applied to us for assistance, referred by the VA. This is our first request from Polk County, which means we have now helped veterans in at least 18 counties in Florida hundreds of times. He asked for prompt rental help.  His wife developed a leg infection and is in the hospital following leg amputation.  Both he and his wife are on Social Security disability – he can’t work and now she cannot.  Her check was garnished for previous overpayment and they cannot meet their overdue rent – facing eviction while she’s hospitalized and they have a 17 year old daughter at home.

Veterans’ Outreach was able to help him with his rent.

You’ll Need a Tissue For This One

Today’s “Case of the Week” directly celebrates Labor Day in a very meaningful way. According to the Department of Labor, “Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.”

You’ll need a tissue for this one. It comes from our Grayson KY Regional Manager, Tammy Black.

I was contacted by KDVA about a vet that needed a bike to get to work. Habitat for Hummanity is building him a new home and it will be ready labor day. He is a cook and has been offered a position at Embassy Suites as their cook. He couldn’t take this job because the bus didn’t run at the times he needed to get to and from work so he just wanted a bike to get him to this job. He is a very hard worker and told me many times how blessed he truly is. So I went to Lexington yesterday and met Heather French Henry and Trina Patty from KDVA. Robert already had came up there the week before in the rain and picked out the bike he wanted. Once he found the perfect bike we went ahead and bought him lights and a nice lock for it as well. He was so happy and appreciated everything all of us have done for him. I kept telling him that it should be us thanking him. I can’t wait to go to his house and see it when he gets to move in. He said he was going to invite us to a BBQ. What an amazing day to help someone change their life and give back to them after they sacrificed for us. Today Trina got this letter from Robert.


I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your staff mainly Trina in the matter of getting me a bike, I want to thank Tammy at veterans outreach also but don’t have a email for her, your staff and you are some of to have you and Trina personally, along with her husband are most wonderful people I have ever met and was so  humbled  to have been in your presence and to think you took time out of your day to personally come to Lexington to be a part of this, that day will never leave my memory. I was so close to tears and finally walked away cause I didn’t want you guys to see me cry, I am in tears writing this and graciously thank you from every being in my heart, and am glad you and your staff is so much into helping us veterans in any way no matter how small or big, again god bless and thank you.