Veterans' Outreach Spotlight of the Week

9th Annual NCAA Calcutta Auction Benefits Veterans

A true Patriot organized a very successful event.  All 64 teams were auctioned off to the highest bidder.  The further a team advanced, the more $$$ the bidders won.  

But the real winners from this event are veterans.  This donation will provide financial assistance to dozens of veterans with their most immediate needs – things that they can’t handle on their own.  We are amazed and incredibly grateful for the generosity of Cody Holecko, the organizer of the event.  We thank you and all the participants for supporting our mission to respectfully serve and honor all veterans.

Veterans Home Repair Program

A veteran needed some help with entry to his home. His home is a typical two-story home in the city. It’s older and the steps to his home rotted away to the point of being dangerous and unusable.

He lives on a fixed income and this update was outside of the budget. Thanks to a grant from Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, Veterans’ Outreach was able to help this veteran with access to his home, new treated lumber steps wide enough to accommodate the home’s large porch.

He was very grateful. Everyone at Veterans’ Outreach is thankful to the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley for supporting programs that meet the needs of veterans.



Veterans' Outreach Case of the Week 4-11-22

Veterans Volunteer to Help Grieving Veteran Mom

A female Army veteran’s daughter had recently passed on. On top of that, she desperately needed furniture for her home. She was going through a very difficult time and had no one to help her. Veterans’ Outreach helped her raise money to pay for her daughter’s funeral. The community pulled together and donated a living room set, a washer and bed. The generosity made her day, helped her with not only the physical items she needed, but the emotional support helped tremendously.

She tried for weeks to get someone to help her pick up the furniture for her home. Then one day, some veterans were volunteering in the Freedom Food Pantry that had trucks. Without a second thought, they volunteered to take the items and more to her home.

Veterans helping another veteran.  We are humbled by the real-life changing efforts that we are able to perform and grateful to be part of a team that pulls together to help.

A Rose is Still a Rose, Like all Veterans

Second Anniversary Edition

This April 2022 edition of our VetNet Newsletter marks our one-year anniversary.  This newsletter had been dreamed of and talked about for a decade.  The down time caused by the Pandemic allowed us to finally bring this dream to reality.  We serve and honor our service men and women every day, we hope that you are enjoying the stories and videos that build up, and never tear down.

Veterans’ Outreach began using a rose as a gift to donors, and it has become symbolic.  The quote goes like this,” a rose is still a rose by any other name which smelled just as sweet” …. comes from the Shakespearean play, “Romeo and Juliet.”

Why did we adopt that saying and shorten it to fit our charity’s MISSION? It was amply appropriate because many people asked in the beginning of our mission’s development, which veterans, from what era, do we serve?  We serve all veterans! No matter what color, creed, sex, and from any war or era they served in.

An “Army of ONE” says it best.  Veterans’ Outreach is the epitome of an equal opportunity server, they served us and we serve them.  Our motto is “to serve and honor”.  I think everyone should get behind that obligatory declaration.

Furthermore, a rose was a symbol of the civil wars in England…Both of those warring factions, the Houses of York and Lancaster, had roses for their iconic symbols! The White Rose of York and the Red Rose of Lancaster and they battled endlessly for the Throne of England during the 100-year war, 1337-1453!  That was between France and England. Talk about having your plate full!

The Rose has a great deal of meanings, like “Stop and smell the roses!” We can also elaborate further on that possible meaning and ask every patriot to stop, relax, and reflect on what we have in our lives and why we have it.  Freedom, Liberty, Security, Identity, are just some of the blessings that we all share because of our veterans’ sacrifices. There is no greater love than when one gives all of himself to another.

The Rose is used in so many other ways to symbolize an idea or thing. The Rose to us at Veterans’ Outreach is our Veterans. I would like you all to consider buying a Rose for a veteran you love or to honor all our veterans that served and the service men and women that are still protecting us today

Please go to for your “ROSE of Honor”.

Veterans' Outreach Case of the Week 4-4-22

CFMV Grant Repairs Veteran’s Collapsed Chimney

A veteran came to us in real distress due to the heavy damage that occurred through no fault of his own, one of those things that was outside of his control. This is the kind of problem that can really raise stress levels when trying to exist on a fixed income – especially with today’s prices ever increasing on everything.

A powerful windstorm caused the chimney of a veterans’ home to collapse! He has Homeowner’s Insurance but with a high deductible. He requested the high deductible so that he could afford the insurance, hoping that he would never
need the coverage. This devastated the veteran, and he really didn’t know how he’d be able to move forward. Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, Veterans’ Outreach was able to provide financial assistance for the repairs.