All in the Family

This week, we want to highlight a “Case of the Week” from our Hartselle Alabama office as told by our Executive Director, Teri Ely.

This case reminds me of how Veterans’ Outreach really works as a family with our work environment dedicated to the veterans that we serve. We all step up when another needs our help. We received an email from a disabled veteran that had recently gone through a divorce. As a result of the divorce, he left his home in Ohio and moved to be with family in Alabama. He only brought his dogs and some clothes. Nothing else.

After he contacted our website, we were able to immediately put him in touch with our Hartselle Alabama office for direct assistance. He has been able to secure an apartment. The staff at the Hartselle office was able to give him 2 large boxes of food and a microwave. We are also helping him get his electricity turned on in his new place.

So, our family at Veterans’ Outreach was able to help this veteran as he moved to be closer to his birth family.

Little Things Mean A Lot

This week, we want to share a note of thanks from a veteran that received assistance from our Sarasota FL office.

“Jan, Please accept my sincere thanks, and tell Mr. Graham thank you as well. You both really helped me with my FPL bill, and now I can go ahead and get gas for my car and do some laundry too. Little things, perhaps, but it means a lot to me. Again, thank you so much.”
Sincerely, Christopher J.

A Place to call Home

This week, we are sharing a “Case of the Week” from our Liberty OH office as told by our Services Director, Bob Julian.

An elderly veteran in his 80’s is now living at an assisted living facility. His wife came to our office very upset and distraught. She wasn’t satisfied with the care that her husband was receiving and desperately wanted to help him move to a place that he would feel comfortable. She wanted to help him move to the Sandusky Veterans’ Home.

She called around and sought help and guidance from several agencies. She told me that Veterans’ Outreach is the only one that even took their problem seriously.

We arranged transport for the veteran with a local carrier. We were also able to gift them a tote bag full of groceries through a grant from Walmart Foundation. He will be at his new home in just a few days. His wife was so grateful. She left with a great sense of relief, joy, and tears of gratitude.

It’s Raining Love

This week, we want to share a Case of the Week from our Grayson KY office as told by Tammy Black, KY Regional Manager.

We had a volunteer bring their neighbor into the office that was in desperate need of a new roof and just having a hard time. The roof was leaking and they had no extra income to fix it.

A new roof is more than we are able to do, so I called my contacts at Habitat for Humanity and told them of the story. We were able to help them with other needs and gave them a box of approximately 60lbs of food to help them for a few weeks.

I got a message today from Mary of Habitat with a picture of their new roof. I am so happy that we have such a good relationship to partner with so many other agencies so we can help our Heroes to the full extent of our abilities.

A Military Couple in Need

Today’s Case of the Week to share comes from our Liberty Ohio office.

Our Services Director, Bob Julian met with a married couple. The man is recently discharged from the Marines after many years of service and deployments. The lady is in the National Guard. They have children and another on the way.

The man’s place of employment has recently hit some hard times and he no longer has work. They came to Veterans’ Outreach for help with rent and groceries. We were able to help with both. Additionally, we gifted them with a large tote of groceries through our “Serve Veterans NOW” food pantry made possible by a grant from the Walmart Foundation.

We also have a lead for work for him. All of that happened in their first meeting with Veterans ‘ Outreach, it’s great to be in a position where we can do this – with heartfelt thanks to generous donors.