Help With Her Utilities

Today we bring you a case from our Decatur Alabama office, as written by Chuck from the Decatur office.

This week we had the widow of a veteran who asked for help with her utilities. She came in on Monday and submitted the paperwork, but did not tell us that she was due to be cut off the following day.

When we arrived at the office on Wednesday, there was a message from her that her lights had been cut off, and she was worried about her food and her Insulin, as she is a diabetic and it will ruin without refrigeration.

We phoned the utility, found out how much it would take to get her reconnected and took a check down to them right away. Her lights were restored that afternoon and she was extremely grateful that her food and medicine was saved.

This Should Never Happen

Our highlighted case this week comes from Decatur Alabama. This should never happen. . .

Decatur office had a Veteran call today stating that he needs some help.  He is behind on his utility bill and fixing to be homeless.  His only income is SSI, and he is eating out of dumpsters to try to get by.  The amount he owes on to the utilities is $95.00.

We asked him to send in all his information and we would help, as well as call the utility company to stop any action against him.  Also, told him who to contact to receive help from HUD for housing, and gathered him a basket of food, soap, tooth-paste, toothbrush and canned soup to help him get by. Bob, the Regional Manager, called the utility company to avoid termination.