All in the Family

This week, we want to highlight a “Case of the Week” from our Hartselle Alabama office as told by our Executive Director, Teri Ely.

This case reminds me of how Veterans’ Outreach really works as a family with our work environment dedicated to the veterans that we serve. We all step up when another needs our help. We received an email from a disabled veteran that had recently gone through a divorce. As a result of the divorce, he left his home in Ohio and moved to be with family in Alabama. He only brought his dogs and some clothes. Nothing else.

After he contacted our website, we were able to immediately put him in touch with our Hartselle Alabama office for direct assistance. He has been able to secure an apartment. The staff at the Hartselle office was able to give him 2 large boxes of food and a microwave. We are also helping him get his electricity turned on in his new place.

So, our family at Veterans’ Outreach was able to help this veteran as he moved to be closer to his birth family.