Inspirational Story of a Local Volunteer

This week, our Hartselle Alabama would like to share an inspirational story with you.

A local volunteer, Connie Cobb, took it upon herself to organize a food drive for the veterans that we serve. She worked with a neighboring church called Breakthrough Church. Through their efforts, they collected 19 bags of non-perishable foods. The office is just elated to receive the generous gifts. The foods will be donated to veterans in need.

Thanks to our neighbors in the community, we are able to care for those that served us and have protected our way of life.

A Big Part of Our Grayson Team

This week, we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our Grayson, KY office as told  by our Regional Director, Tammy Black.

A veterans’ wife came into the Grayson Office and needed assistance. They were having issues with her husband’s disability compensation from the VA.  They had propane heat, but had run out of propane.  The young children were sleeping in the living room where they had electric heaters.  They couldn’t even play in their bedrooms. She explained that he had been given the run around by so many veterans’ agencies that he refused to come inside with her.

I assured her that we WOULD do something. I went out and spoke with him at the truck and told him how thankful we were for his service.  I explained what we do and that we would do our best to help them in this hard time.  He said thank you, but I could tell he was hesitant.  With help from Habitat for Humanity, we were able to fill up their propane and we also paid on their upcoming electric bill.

The sweet little girl hugged me and thanked me for getting us heat. It was one of those moments that reminds you why you do what you do.  In the office, we took it a step further and adopted the family for Christmas.  We bought toys and clothing for the children, others donated as well.

Now, the whole family volunteers in our office and helps us give away food to other veterans in need through our food pantry.  This family has become a big part of our Grayson team all because of that one day that they needed a little help.  It is an honor to give back to someone who gave such sacrifices so that we could do this job that we do so freely.

A Grateful Veteran

This week , we want to share a heart-warming “Case of the Week” from our Liberty OH office.  

A veteran came in to get help with groceries and bus passes.  He particularly needed the bus passes because he needed to get to the VA Clinic for medical concerns.  As Service Director Bob talked with the veteran, he asked him how he was feeling today.  The veteran said he wasn’t really feeling very well, that he had been losing blood and was getting very concerned.

As they talked, Bob decided that he would help this veteran a little more than we usually do.  He gave him a gift card for groceries, some bus passes, and a ride in his own car to the nearest VA medical facility.  The veteran was very grateful for the urgent care attention.

Passionate Veteran

Today, we would like to highlight a “Case of the Week” from our corporate office in Liberty OH.

Last week, a veteran came into our waiting room with such passion and exhilaration that he could hardly stay in a chair.  As he waited to see Services Director Bob, he told everyone in the waiting room that Bob had saved his life over and over.  He exclaimed that he had stopped by, not for help but to thank us, because we had already helped him so much.

A few weeks earlier he had come by to get help with food and bus passes.  He was very upset because a doctor had told him he would probably have to amputate his leg due to an infection that would not heal and was spreading.  Bob told him to ask for a referral to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion.  He did that, he went to the Cleveland Clinic and they were able to heal the wound.  He wanted to thank Bob and all of  Veterans’ Outreach for what we had done for him.  He was able to walk about because of the help we had given him, otherwise he would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.