It Takes Each of Us to Make a Difference for All of Us.

It Takes Each of Us to Make a Difference for All of Us

Last week, we got the surprise we never expected! A wonderful veteran whom we helped get into an apartment a couple of years ago came in for a visit. During that timeframe we also helped him get a job. He came by to chat and tell us how good he’s doing and we could not be happier for him. He also came with a donation for Veterans’ Outreach. His way of saying thanks for all we had done for him. We are always here to help. Veterans just like him.We are grateful for the impact that we made on his life and so many others. Thank you for paying in forward sir. You remind us as to why we do what we do, every day.

SGT William Gordon Ely, Pearl Harbor Survivor and Hero, My Dad

SGT William “Bill” Gordon Ely was born in a small town in Ohio called Gallipolis. As a child starting at 8 years old, he worked on the family farm. Just 9 years later during The Depression, Bill decided to join the Army, pre-WWII. He was determined to enlist, so he lied about his age due to him only being 17 years old.

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Vietnam Veteran Breathes Easier Thanks to Home Depot

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Tim who works at Home Depot in Austintown.  He said that they wanted to donate a whole house generator valued at $10K to a veteran that has conditions that make electricity mandatory for survival.  He said he had called other veteran agencies and whoever found the best candidate would get the generator.

We told them about a Vietnam veteran suffering from conditions from Agent Orange, who had to be on oxygen 24/7.  The veteran’s name is Michael.  Michael met Bob Julian, our services director, at the Home Depot in Boardman with a cargo van and Home Depot loaded the generator into his van.  Michael has a family member that is an electrician, so he got it installed for free as well.

This incredible gift from Home Depot will give this grateful veteran peace of mind when a storm rolls through or any other electrical issue. We are so grateful to have been a part of this very rewarding day. Congratulations Michael and thank you Home Depot!!

Home to Veteran Home

Recently, the homeowners of a home in Ashland, KY donated the contents of their home to help our veterans in need! Furniture, kitchenware, home good, toys and more! Our location in Kentucky is in Grayson. From there these items will be made available for veterans in need! Wonderful volunteers, whom we are so grateful for, are spending many trips collecting items from this home and bringing them back to the office. Thank you so much! We appreciate donations of all types of items! Please donate when you can, we appreciate every item!


Across State Lines

Recently at our office in Florida, we had a request for financial help from a female veteran.  This young woman was in a PTSD treatment program.  The referral for aid came by way of our Alabama sister Veterans’ Outreach headquarters.  The veteran had contacted the Alabama office as she was from that state, she was however domiciled in Florida at a PTSD treatment center and because of that, it was a Florida assistance case.  The veteran had no funds for personal care items and was badly in need of some everyday clothes. We were able to have two Walmart $100 gift cards delivered to her at the treatment center.  Upon receipt, she called to express her heartfelt thanks. We are so happy to have had such a quick solution for her!


We are so grateful to have been selected again as the beneficiary of this event! All teams were auctioned off to the highest bidder. The further a team advanced, the more cash the bidders won.

But the real winners of this event are the veterans. This donation will provide

financial assistance to dozens of veterans with their most immediate needs –

things that they can’t handle on their own. We are amazed and incredibly

grateful for the generosity of Cody Holecko, the organizer of the event. We thank

you and all the participants for supporting our mission to respectfully serve and

honor all veterans.