Spouse of a Veteran

This Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota FL office as written by our Regional Manager, Bob Graham.

The spouse of a veteran we had assisted over a year ago contacted us recently with a Florida Power & Light demand for an overdue $184.47 or shut down.  Her spouse, the veteran is in Tampa General in ICU in a coma after two surgeries  (in addition to 4 more in the last 7 months).   The veterans’ wife is virtually living at the hospital and is not working. Carl is 100% service related disabled. He has not been employable for years.

Bob Julian, Services Director, was visiting the Sarasota office when the need was brought to my attention. He gave approval on the spot to guarantee payment to FPL. The veterans’ wife was really relieved that she had one thing less to worry about and could concentrate on Carl’s recovery.

Renew The Registration

A veteran came to see us that cannot work with 60% service related disability. He suffers from depression, mostly due to the injury he sustained in the service. He has had many surgeries for his back problems, but continues to suffer.

The veteran wanted our help to renew the registration on his car, he stated he was “just plain flat broke”. We were able to help him with that problem, and he says he “feels better already”.