Dangerous Heat is Handled

A veteran called for help – but was very difficult to understand. We figured out that he was a stroke victim. He confirmed it, communicated that he was just out of the hospital after the stroke. He went home and found that the local utility had shut down his power for non-payment.
With the Florida temps running above 100, he was very uncomfortable and asked for our help. We know these temps are dangerous, especially for the infirmed. We immediately called the utility, guaranteed the payment and, much to his relief, his power was back on within an hour!

Veteran Has Urgent Family Issue

A frantic veteran came to our office, unnerved by the news that his daughter had been assaulted by her boyfriend and sustained some bad injuries. To make matters worse, she has a couple of children that need help while their mother is recovering and they live almost 4 hours from him. The only thing stopping him from going to them was the need for help with fuel. Something so simple to so many, but for others, just out of reach. We were able to provide him with fuel cards to assure his travel to his family.

Veteran Forced into Homelessness Overcomes Displacement

A veteran suffering from severe Bi-polar Disorder had been near homeless for some time. He was staying with his 92-year-old mother.  His mom lives in a mobile home court that does not allow any overnight guests. The mobile homeowners threatened his elderly mom with eviction, so the veteran had to leave. Now he was truly homeless.
He came to our office and explained his situation to our Services Director, Bob Julian. We were able to get him emergency shelter at a local hotel. We also put him in touch with a contact from the VA’s HUD-VASH Program which has the resources to find him permanent housing. The veteran warmly smiled, shook his head, and said Thank You.