A View of the Parking Lot
Today’s Case of the Week comes from our corporate office in Liberty Township, Youngstown Ohio.
A View of the Parking Lot
I am the Executive Director of Veterans’ Outreach. My office is located on the front of our building facing the parking lot. As I work through my day, I often notice the many veterans coming in and leaving our building. They all enter a little differently, most dealing with their various physical problems and the pain associated. Their hands are empty other than the cane or walker or wheelchair. When they leave, they are loaded down with food, clothing, coats, shoes, and the like, not to mention whatever help they receive with their bills. 
Just this morning, a volunteer was organizing our donated clothing room to get ready for a big donation from a church in a couple of days. He told me about a box of infant clothing and should he take it to another agency. I told him “No, put it out, and someone with a baby will come in sometime.” 
Just now, as I was in a meeting with another agency, I saw a young veteran in the parking lot, his wife changing an infant on the seat of the rusted out car. We were able to give that young couple food, a whole box of infant clothing, and shoes for the parents too.
Sleep Well Deserved
Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota Office, written by Jan Worrel, our Event Coordinator. 
A Veteran called in and needed assistance with his Duke Energy bill. He told me he had to have unexpected oral surgery and it took all his extra money for the month and he wasn’t able to pay his electric bill. He told me he hadn’t slept for the past week, worrying about his electric. Duke did give him an extension until October 11, but he still didn’t have the money to pay it. We were able to guarantee the bill. When we called to tell him it was guaranteed, he broke down and cried. Thanking us so much for what we do for veterans and his final words were ” I will be able to sleep tonight”
Education Paid Off
Today we want to share a “Case of the Week” from our corporate office in Liberty Township, Youngstown Ohio.
Education Paid Off
A veteran had an appointment to meet with our Service Director, Bob Julian. He had a big problem. He had a $20,000 school loan from the 1970’s that he has been deferring since then. He is disabled and receives $1,000 per month. He’s been heavily hassled in the recent months and really needed to get rid of the stress.
He visited various agencies hoping that they could help with the problem and no one was able to do anything. While he was here, Bob made some calls. One call was to the loan holder. Bob explained that the veteran only had $1,000 coming in monthly and that the loan would never be able to be satisfied, and that the veteran was suffering a hardship because of it.
The lady on the other end of the line was named HOPE and she was quite sympathetic and pulled a few strings or chains in this case to waive the entire debt and penalties.
The veteran left here with a spring in his step and the heavy hand of debt thrown aside.
Nimble & Compassionate- We Are
This week’s Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota, FL office written by our Regional Manager, Bob Graham. 
One of the VA counselors contacted our Sarasota office to assist a veteran. He was to move into a VA supported home with a promised independent inspection on August 1 to ensure that as a move in date – as happens, that did not happen. 
To avoid the veteran being homeless, the case manager suggested the vet should move in anyhow. The landlord was agreeable but when the inspection did not happen until August 15, he felt that the veteran owed $250 for the unpaid time. He was amenable to the vet “working off” $150 of that amount but insistent on a $100 cash payment. 
Since the peculiarities of the VA system do not permit that kind of a payment, the case manager turned to Veterans’ Outreach as the only agency “nimble enough and compassionate enough” to step in ……which we did, to everyone’s relief!
100% Disabled Veteran & Single Mom of 4 Receives Support Needed
Today’s Case of the Week comes from our Sarasota, FL office written by our Regional Manager, Bob Graham. 
Today we had a veteran contact us who is also a single Mom of 4 children. She is 100% disabled with PTSD and is committed to moving to Florida within the next week to be closer to family and hence to a needed support system and ongoing counseling/monitoring. 
She can cover the move and required deposit but needs financial assistance on the application fee and the first month’s rent. Searching online for potential support she found Veterans’ Outreach, contacted our Ohio corporate office which referred it to the Sarasota regional office which provided what she needs. She’s very happy that she can move ahead with her plan!