Northcoast Miata Club- Thank you!

Over the past few weeks, the NorthcoastMiata Club came together for our veterans. In total, they collected a whooping 226 pairs of new socks for veterans. We are so thankful for their kindness. Socks are such a vital necessity and a welcome donation. Now, our veterans can come in and receive quality socks at no charge to them. We are grateful for this donation. This is another example of how a seemingly simple gesture can truly change a day’s outlook. We welcome and are so thankful for organizations and groups that pull together to put these types of collections and donations together. Thank you Northcoast Miata Club!

Happy Birthday (With a Twist!)

One of our longest friends and employees has been with us here at Veterans’ Outreach since basically the beginning, 25+ years ago. He has always been a diligent worker and has raised a lot of funds for the veterans that we help. If we could make a few copies of him, the world would genuinely be a better place.

His wife called us a couple months ago and let us in on a secret, she was throwing him a surprise birthday party with a twist! Instead of a traditional birthday present, she asked party goers to make a donation to Veterans’ Outreach in lieu of. He and his wife delivered a huge surprise! In total, they raised $1,011!

Happy Birthday friend, we thank you and your wife for your tireless support all of these years. We are so grateful for your kindness and generosity.

Thank you Hollywood Gaming!

For years now, Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course has been a supporter of ours. We here at Veterans’ Outreach are so grateful for them and their kindness. Recently, in honor of Armed Forces Day on May 20th, they put together a “Donate & Win” to benefit Veterans’ Outreach. That means for every person that donated at least $5, they got a chance to win up to $1,500 in Free Play, however they were guaranteed at least $10 in Free Play. We are so grateful for this event! These much needed funds will go towards renovating our new building location. Once the doors open there, we will be able to serve local veterans like never before! We are so excited for this development and can’t wait. Thank you Hollywood Gaming!