A Place to call Home

This week, we are sharing a “Case of the Week” from our Liberty OH office as told by our Services Director, Bob Julian.

An elderly veteran in his 80’s is now living at an assisted living facility. His wife came to our office very upset and distraught. She wasn’t satisfied with the care that her husband was receiving and desperately wanted to help him move to a place that he would feel comfortable. She wanted to help him move to the Sandusky Veterans’ Home.

She called around and sought help and guidance from several agencies. She told me that Veterans’ Outreach is the only one that even took their problem seriously.

We arranged transport for the veteran with a local carrier. We were also able to gift them a tote bag full of groceries through a grant from Walmart Foundation. He will be at his new home in just a few days. His wife was so grateful. She left with a great sense of relief, joy, and tears of gratitude.