Storm Shatters Veteran’s Sliding Door Glass

A female Veteran called with a unique problem.  Her sliding glass door had shattered in a thunderstorm and her homeowner’s policy did not cover glass.  She had recently purchased the home and had just moved in when this happened.  The Veteran went on to explain that moving costs left her quite broke and she needed some financial help with the repair.  She had called several agencies and her situation did not fit their criteria for aid.


In the meantime, she had placed a shower curtain over the broken glass door.  She contacted us and we found a vendor to make the repair and that also agreed to accept our promise to pay.  They started the repair the very next day.  Veterans Outreach paid half the bill and the Veteran homeowner said she could manage to pay the other half. The homeowner expressed how relieved she was to again feel safe from intruders and protected from the elements with the repair done.


We were touched when the homeowner called us to make “repayment arrangements” for the amount we covered on the repair. She was so relieved when we thanked her for her military service & let her know while that was not required, we looked forward to when she could donate to help other vets in similar need.  She emphatically expressed her gratitude for Veterans’ Outreach being here for her and other veterans in need!