Behind the Scenes at Veterans’ Outreach – Teri Ely, Executive Director

My office has the view of the parking lot at our corporate office north of Youngstown in Liberty Township Ohio. I see so much through the day that energizes me to do better, to do more, to do the absolute best that I can for Veterans’ Outreach. I see dozens of veterans every day coming here for help. Some driving, some on scooters, some with walkers getting off a bus, some on a medical bus, some walking with an empty shopping cart that needs filled. They are in need and we are here to help.

But how do we do it? Sometimes it seems a daunting task. One of our most important resources is volunteerism. We have volunteers that have been helping out for many years. Each and every week they give their time, talents, and yes even their money to keep things in motion for our mission.

Recently, a very talented local man named Jimmy Valentini passed on and is dearly missed. Jimmy volunteered his time and talents for Veterans’ Outreach for many years. He developed marketing materials that we use every day and was always asking what more did we need him to do. He taught people a lot through his approach at life – smile, be genuine, make eye contact, take time to talk with each other, work hard, and follow your passions.

I invite you to become part of Veterans’ Outreach; visit our website, or Facebook page, become a supporting member, join our team, we welcome you.