Tribute to James (Jimmy) Valentini

James (Jimmy) Valentini was born November 28, 1950, and passed on October 22, 2020. Jimmy worked as a musician, singer, songwriter and recording engineer.

He moved to Nashville in 1977, starting his music career singing and writing songs with Kenny Rogers, Crystal Gayle, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Jon Brocks, and Warner Bros. Records.  He was also a very talented artist.  Jimmy retired from the music business in 1996 and moved back to the Youngstown area and went to work for City Printing which was founded by his grandfather in 1920.

We met Jimmy during his time at City Printing.  He came to our office to talk about a Business Directory we were trying to put together.  All we had were pieces of this or that, he smiled and said he’d take it home to work on.  He pulled a beautiful directory together.  From that time on, he volunteered his services to Veterans’ Outreach.  He was like Batman, we’d shine the spotlight for help and he’d show up, then disappear until the next time.  He developed our brochure, our business letterhead, various marketing materials and even a billboard.  All he would ever accept was ink for his printer and sometimes not even that.

He had an engaging smile that made people comfortable around him.  He was dedicated to his wife and family.  He always wanted to know how we were doing and what was going on.  He taught people how to be more loving and more giving just by his nature of generosity.


Jimmy Valentini lives on through the materials he designed for us, and we celebrate him.