Veterans’ Outreach implemented a new program called Home Repair for Veterans after interviewing many veterans in dire need of home improvements, unable to move forward due to low- and fixed-income limitations.  The Program was funded by grants.  The $2,000 grant from TCC Gives specifically impacted 6 individual veterans and their families in profound ways that have improved their standard of living and quality of daily life.  

*  A male veteran in his senior years yard and surrounding area needed cleaned up, trimmed, and made compliant with local ordinances.  This grant achieved those goals.

*  A disabled male veteran passed on after suffering a long-time service-related illness.  His distraught wife of many years needed help with removing a ramp from the home.  This grant provided her peace of mind and safety.

*  A female veteran was in danger of losing her home due to a red-tagged furnace.  This grant helped her to have the furnace repaired which in turn saved her from becoming homeless.

*  A senior male veteran had realized he could no longer safely navigate a bathtub and needed a shower base installed.  This grant helped him to have his tub removed and a shower base installed.  

*  A disabled male veteran was suffering sleep deprivation due to needing a bed.  This grant provided him a comfortable, hygienic place to lay his head and sleep.

  * A female veterans’ front door was damaged and unsafe, not providing any protection from the elements or a potential intruder.  On top of that, the door was an unusually tall door which made replacing it very difficult.  This grant replaced the front door.   

We chose to highlight this veteran we know as Mac.  She served in the Air Force for 18 years when she was medically discharged.  Unfortunately, she didn’t get approved for disability which has left her working 2 jobs to get by.  During her time in the service, she was deployed to Honduras, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.  Mac’s MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was called “Services” which had her doing everything from kitchen duty to setting up a field morgue.  We can only imagine the things she has seen and done.  Mac said that without the help from this grant, she could not have replaced the front door and would still be living in her unsecured home, sleeping with one eye open.