Veterans' Outreach Case of the Week 2-14-22.

Hollywood Gaming Loves Veterans

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to share how Hollywood Gaming has helped hundreds of veterans.  They contacted Veterans’ Outreach to set up a means of supporting veterans on an ongoing basis.  They added software to their ticket cash out machines that offers the opportunity to donate to charity as the players cash out.  The Hollywood Gaming patrons have been amazingly supportive and generous.  The donations are directly responsible for the Direct Aid that hundreds of veterans have received from Veterans’ Outreach.  Hollywood Gaming and its’ patrons have helped veterans with needs that they found to be overwhelming such as shelter, rent, utilities, car repair, insurance, groceries, and whatever other immediate needs were discovered.

Veterans’ Outreach Board, Staff, and Volunteers are humbled, motivated, and inspired by the generosity of Hollywood Gaming to support Veterans’ Outreach mission to respectfully serve and honor all veterans.