Veterans' Outreach case of the week 12-21-22

Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony

Sharon volunteers at the Grayson KY office.  She loves to visit with the office staff and the other volunteers while they sort Heroes’ Closet donations that are freely given to veterans.  GenerousVeterans' Outreach Kentucky vow renewal. donors support the Heroes’ Closet Program through donations of attire, household goods, appliances, hygiene items and many other products. 

Sharon and her husband Anthony had a tough year in 2021 with marital struggles that were due to alcoholism.  They even separated for a while.  Over the months, the alcohol was kicked to the curb, and they got back together.  They started attending church.  

These changes have made all the difference and they have found peace, joy, and love once again.  Anthony wanted to give his wife a very special surprise.  He wanted to renew the vows they made to each other and asked the KY office to help.  Ray, the Regional Manager is a pastor.  He and the office staff made the arrangements, then held the ceremony a few days ago.  How wonderful that this couple was able to find each other again, and that Veterans’ Outreach was able to assist.