Veterans' Outreach Case of the Week 4-4-22

CFMV Grant Repairs Veteran’s Collapsed Chimney

A veteran came to us in real distress due to the heavy damage that occurred through no fault of his own, one of those things that was outside of his control. This is the kind of problem that can really raise stress levels when trying to exist on a fixed income – especially with today’s prices ever increasing on everything.

A powerful windstorm caused the chimney of a veterans’ home to collapse! He has Homeowner’s Insurance but with a high deductible. He requested the high deductible so that he could afford the insurance, hoping that he would never
need the coverage. This devastated the veteran, and he really didn’t know how he’d be able to move forward. Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, Veterans’ Outreach was able to provide financial assistance for the repairs.