Persistence Aids Alabama Vet with Health Care
This week’s case comes from our Hartselle, AL office.
When talking with a veteran they found out that he was in dire straights and needed medical attention badly. Unfortunately, the only opening the VA had for him was in January of 2018. At that moment the Hartselle office took action. They told this individual that we would do all we can to help him. They contacted the VA in Huntsville and told us that he would have to go to the Birmingham VA as an “on call” patient. 
After deciding that this was not a feasible thing to do for this individual, the Hartselle office called the administration at the Huntsville VA and the regional director at which point only was only able to leave voicemails. So, they took it to Washington DC and called the VA admin there. The folks there were very helpful. Within 2 hours this veteran was receiving multiple phone calls from the VA and was able to secure an appointment. We are very happy with the outcome and it just shows that a little persistence goes a long way when it comes to helping anyone or anything in need.