Man’s Best Friend (A Sincere Thanks to Buster’s Brigade)

A couple of weeks ago, we received a crucial call from a church in Stark County, reaching out with an urgent request. They were determined to assist a homeless veteran who had his loyal companion, a bully-breed dog, by his side. The veteran faced a critical need to enter a rehabilitation facility, but a significant hurdle stood in his way – the facility’s strict no-pet policy. Consequently, he adamantly refused to go, torn between seeking help and leaving behind his faithful friend.

In their search for guidance and support, the church contacted us, seeking assistance in this heartwrenching situation. That’s when Buster’s Brigade came to the rescue! Buster’s Brigade, an exceptional rescue organization, has consistently demonstrated their dedication. They provide us with monthly supplies of cat and dog food for veterans in need, and they have even gone the extra mile by covering medical expenses for some of our veterans’ dogs facing various health issues.

Thanks to Donna from Buster’s Brigade, a ray of hope emerged. She was able to secure a rehab facility for the veteran where he wouldn’t be separated from his beloved canine companion. This outcome fills us with immense gratitude, and we will forever be indebted to Buster’s Brigade for their unwavering support.

Here’s part 2 of a story that unfolded on the same day. Bob was assisting another homeless veteran who had arrived with his faithful dog by his side. This veteran, just like the previous one, was facing a challenging situation. We provided him with essential supplies, including food, and arranged for a week-long stay in a hotel to ensure he had a safe and comfortable place to stay. Additionally, we offered him valuable information about future housing options to help him get back on his feet.

Remarkably, during this very moment, Donna from Buster’s Brigade happened to be in our office, generously delivering 100 Daffin candy bars that they had donated to our veterans. Donna’s commitment to our cause knows no bounds. She immediately recognized the urgent need of the homeless veteran’s dog and took swift action. Donna secured a veterinarian appointment for the dog and, incredibly, Buster’s Brigade is covering the entire veterinarian bill. The veteran was visibly moved to tears with relief, understanding that his dog is not just a pet but his only family.

These two stories encapsulate the remarkable support we have received from Buster’s Brigade and the incredible impact it has had on the lives of homeless veterans and their beloved companions.