Introducing VO Depot

We’re excited to unveil our latest endeavor: the VO Depot! This new addition to our charity lineup isn’t just about raising awareness for veteran support—it’s about ensuring the ongoing financial stability of our Veterans Outreach program.

VO Depot isn’t your average thrift store; it’s a beacon of hope. Through the generosity of donors, the dedication of volunteers, and the wide range of essential items available, from clothing to household goods and even transportation assistance, we’re establishing a sustainable revenue stream to uphold our mission.

Every contribution—whether it’s through donating goods, volunteering time, or providing financial support—directly impacts the lives of the veterans we serve. By patronizing VO Depot or making a donation of any kind, you’re making a tangible difference in the lives of those who have served our country.

Join us in supporting the VO Depot and, more importantly, in continuing to provide vital assistance to veterans in our community and beyond.

Visit today to learn more and get involved!