He Had Lost Everything

This “Case of the Week” comes from our corporate office in Liberty, OH. A male veteran in his 60’s recently moved to this area. He had lost everything, and was living in his car.

He was referred to Veterans’ Outreach by the local Social Security office. He came here, and visited with Bob, our Services Director. His state of mind was very depressed, and really unable to determine a course of action to straighten out his current situation. Bob was able to advise him on the steps to take to get settled here and the resources available to him. Bob referred him to one of our contacts at the local VA and got him enrolled into the HUD VASH program. We helped him with food and gas for his car. He was able to find some clothing that would work for him.

He came back the following week, and his entire demeanor had changed. He was talkative, and had a real sense of hope for a future. Bob had given him guidance, he had followed it. HUD VASH had helped him with an apartment, we helped him with food and gas for his car. He maintains his car, as it is his only item that he owns. He was so insistent about finding a car wash to take care of it, our volunteer guided him to a place nearby. He left here with a spring in his step.