Walk In Wednesday

This week, for our “Case of the Week”, we want to tell you about a veteran that came to our Liberty OH office. She was brought to us by a Caseworker from another agency.

She came in on “Walk-in Wednesday”, which means it was a very busy day. We have an average of 50 – 60 veterans come to our office on Wednesdays as there are no appointments necessary to see our Services Director. The veterans wait in line and while waiting are able to look through our donated clothing and take whatever they like for free. We also have bags of donated food available for every veteran. As this veteran waited her turn, our volunteer noticed her sitting by herself. She talked with her, and learned that she was recently homeless, but now does have a place to live. She didn’t have clothing for the upcoming cold weather or any food. Our volunteer spent some extra time with her, found out her sizes and was able to find her a coat, hat, gloves, socks, and several pairs of shoes. We also fixed her up with a bag of food, then she visited with our Services Director who advised her on the next steps to take to get her life on track and also gave her a food voucher for a local grocer.

As she left our office, she was so grateful that someone cared enough about her to do these things for her. She expressed her gratitude, but we made sure that she knew how grateful we are for her service, and empathetic regarding her current situation. Makes you wonder, is she going through this rough time because of her time in the service and the things she saw or did? May God bless her.