The Blood, the Guts, and the GLORY?

John’s Editorial

The Blood, the Guts, and the GLORY?

Most Americans have stories to tell about personal experiences or of a loved one’s service to our country.  However, many stories won’t be told and we will never know the true essence of what happened that kept us all safe from tyranny.

The IMPACT of war is real! Veterans’ Outreach sees this week-in and week-out. The Glory belongs to the USA because of the successes of our great military might. Many veterans never see that victory or glory.  It’s hard to see the “big picture” when they are still embroiled by the impact of war.

My Pearl Harbor Survivor father and my Vietnam Veteran brother showed me the torture of their virtual prisons with PTSD and ongoing, agonizing medical conditions like Agent Orange. My son is serving as a Captain in the US Army National Guard and was deployed to Afghanistan.

Many never talk about it, because it still hurts.  It would help if the soldiers could tell their loved ones their stories, so we can help hand that down to the next generation. The next Americans that are born into this country should know what it took to give them their cherished Freedoms. The American Flag should always be revered and for all of us to remember that those red stripes were the Blood and the Guts that were spilled for us!

When I see a homeless or distraught hurting vet, I don’t have to wonder what happened to them, because it was through my experiences with my own family, I do somewhat understand and I can feel their pain.

If you have served or had a family member serving or served, please send that story to my email: [email protected]

We will post it, with your permission, on our Veterans’ Outreach website archive and possibly feature them in our VetNet Newsletter.

Happy Veterans’ Day!

Thank you to all of our Veterans!