Veteran Overcomes Diversity

A veteran contacted us through our website.  He has had a hard road and asked for some help to straighten his path to independent living.  Many years ago, undiagnosed issues led him to activity that led him to jail.  After serving his time, medical and psychological treatment for severe PTSD, he got assistance from Veterans’ Outreach with a deposit for a new apartment.  He kept that apartment for over 3 years.

Recently, his son moved out, and his voucher amount was changed.  He lost his apartment and has been homeless.  He contacted us again and was turned down due to a snag in our system. However, he persisted in a calm and respectful way.  After further investigation, we were able to help him with the deposit for a new apartment.  He expressed his gratitude with these words, “thank you and the entire staff for believing in the veteran, it meant so much to me that you gave me a second chance.  I promise to give it my all.”

He has taken a “really messed up” life and changed it to a life with hope because he took the initiative to accept responsibility for his life.