Serve Veterans NOW Food Pantry helps Veteran

Today, our “Case of the Week” comes from our Liberty OH office.

A veteran had been referred to us from the VA Clinic right up the street from our office. He served in Vietnam in the Navy. He said he was what would be called a Navy Seal today. He went on many missions that even today he is forbidden to talk about. During his time, he was sprayed with Agent Orange.

Last year he got a call from the VA in DC to question him about his service in Vietnam and any health issues he was having. They advised him to go to the nearest VA to get checked out. He went, found several health concerns, applied for service related disability and was denied! They told him they couldn’t find his records, they were burned in a fire.

He was very distraught. Our office listened to him, helped him with our Serve Veterans NOW Food Pantry tote of groceries as well as guidance on how to proceed with his claim. He was very thankful and said it made a real difference “to know that someone out there cares about us veterans”. The grant from Walmart for the grocery totes has touched another veteran with some real help to get through the day and the days ahead.