A corrections officer from Trumbull Correctional Institute contacted Veterans’ Outreach a few weeks ago.  He wanted to find out if we would accept fresh produce grown at the institute.  He leads a group of inmates that wanted to grow a garden this year.  Their 20’ x 20’ garden has produced a huge quantity and variety of produce.  

The Freedom Food Pantry distributes about 100 boxes of food each week to veterans living with food insecurity, so the donation was eagerly accepted.  The veteran recipients have been so grateful for the fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, Swiss chard, and more.  Our friend Chris from the Corrections Institute has delivered 2 loads so far, each one over 400 lbs.  

We learned that some of the inmates tending to the garden are veterans.  In correspondence with Chris, he said “The donations from the garden makes these guys feel like they are giving back. I let them know that they are. I always try and give them words of encouragement and remind them that what they are doing is helping people that need it.”

We thank them all, and hope they know that their hard work is benefitting many veterans and their families.



Veterans’ Outreach partners with many like-minded agencies, organizations, and churches to provide the best solutions for veterans.

Recently, we became aware of a house fire that almost took the lives of a veteran and his wife.  The two children were on the first floor and escaped, but the husband and wife were on the second floor and had to jump from the second story to escape the smoke and flames.  They lost everything.

Lots of help is on the way to this family thanks to the networking of local non-profits.  Veterans’ Outreach helped with financial aid for shelter, clothing, and food.

We all pull together to create a safety net for veterans in crisis.

May God bless all veterans.


Visiting Veterans’ Outreach has become part of the weekly routine for many veterans.  They stop by to browse through Heroes’ Closet which consists of donated clothing, footwear, coats, linens, household goods, and some furniture.  They stop by to get help with food for the week from the Freedom Food Pantry.  

 Veterans have been known to say, “This is my social time”, “This is a safe place”, I always leave with my dignity”, “I look forward all week to coming by” and other similar statements.  

Yesterday, a veteran on a bicycle came by for help with food.  We are grateful to be able to do this work and provide this safety net for at-risk veterans.

May God bless all veterans.

saddle up for soldiers.


American Legion Post 472 from Youngstown hosted a Poker Run to benefit Veterans’ Outreach programs for veterans.  It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine.  Riders joined together and spent their day helping to raise funds and awareness of the plight of many veterans in need.  

Post 472 provided breakfast before they left and dinner when they returned.  They also hosted a 50/50 raffle and huge basket auction.  The event was well-attended, and everyone had a great time visiting and supporting the mission of serving and honoring all veterans.

Thank you, Post 472 and all your members, employees, and friends.  

Your support means a LOT!


Veterans’ Outreach implemented a new program called Home Repair for Veterans after interviewing many veterans in dire need of home improvements, unable to move forward due to low- and fixed-income limitations.  The Program was funded by grants.  The $2,000 grant from TCC Gives specifically impacted 6 individual veterans and their families in profound ways that have improved their standard of living and quality of daily life.   Read more

Hand Made Blankets Sent From Heaven

Veterans’ Outreach is a very busy place on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays every week.  We love what we do and feel great satisfaction in knowing that we are making a positive impact for the veterans that come to us for help.  We never know what the day might bring, but we always know that good works are happening all around us. Read more

“I Served” Resource Fair for Veterans.

“I Served” Resource Fair for Veterans

Veterans’ Outreach was invited to attend a recent veteran’s resource fair in North Canton Ohio.  It was a well-organized, highly endorsed by attendees, excellent event.  There were dozens of organizations and resource providers stationed throughout the MAPS Air Museum.  It was a great backdrop with antique planes hanging from the ceiling and other artifacts displayed throughout the building.  Read more

Case of the Week 7-11-22

Pull Resources Together for Suffering Veteran

A veteran came to our office for help with a problem that he couldn’t face alone.  After we took care of him, he was so grateful he wanted to give back.  He wanted to donate a hospital bed.  We were unable to take it because we are crunched for space, but we told him we’d keep his information.  

Two weeks later, a veterans’ caseworker called, said she was frantically searching for a hospital bed for a veteran that was in stage 4 cancer.   We were able to coordinate with the donor, the family of the veteran in need, and other agencies to get the hospital bed delivered. The family members assembled it, and as a bonus, we provided the veteran’s wife with a walker.

This is the kind of work we do every day, and we are grateful to be able to do it.

God Chasers food donation.

“God Chasers” Ride for Veterans

A small group rallied to help veterans overcome hunger.  The cost to ride in this event was canned goods for veterans.  Thanks to God Chasers’ Rev. McNeal, the riders, and Five Branches Smokehouse veterans received some good food to take home.

Food insecurity among veterans has been on the rise, especially now for those living on a fixed income and fighting inflation.  Every donation is appreciated and makes a difference in a veteran’s daily life.


Veterans' Outreach Case of the Week 6-27-22

Vietnam Veteran Improves Our Main Office

The corporate home of Veterans’ Outreach is located north of Youngstown Ohio in Liberty Township.  It’s not nearly large enough for the growth of our operations, but we do take very good care of our assets.  New sidewalks have been needed for a long time, grants have been submitted and denied – until recently.

Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley funded our request for help with improving our building.  The next step was to hire a contractor.  We had bids that were pre-Pandemic, and that’s who we called first with the expectation that prices would have gone up.  Much to our surprise and appreciation,

O’Neill Concrete, Inc. agreed to do the job at the pre-pandemic price and his bid was signed Vietnam Veteran.

The team did a beautiful job, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  

Everything was done in 2 days.  

We give O’Neill Concrete a 5 STAR rating!

Windows are being replaced next.  Then we need to have our parking lot resealed, and we are seeking funding for the parking lot job.