Veteran’s Widow “Pays it Forward”

Today, we would like to share a “Case of the Week” from our corporate home located in Liberty Township, just north of Youngstown Ohio.


The widow of a recently deceased veteran gave us a call a week or so ago.  She let us know that her husband had passed on, and that she had requested donations for Veterans’ Outreach in lieu of flowers.  She wanted to let us know that she was sending a check.  I thanked her, of course.

She went on to say that her husband had gotten help from Veterans’ Outreach a few times over the last couple of years.  They had unexpected medical bills, and were living on a fixed income which is never a good combination.  He came to us for help with groceries when he couldn’t make ends meet.  She said we gave him so much with just a little because he had peace of mind knowing that he could turn to Veterans’ Outreach if things got tight.