Veterans' Outreach Case of the Week 4-11-22

Veterans Volunteer to Help Grieving Veteran Mom

A female Army veteran’s daughter had recently passed on. On top of that, she desperately needed furniture for her home. She was going through a very difficult time and had no one to help her. Veterans’ Outreach helped her raise money to pay for her daughter’s funeral. The community pulled together and donated a living room set, a washer and bed. The generosity made her day, helped her with not only the physical items she needed, but the emotional support helped tremendously.

She tried for weeks to get someone to help her pick up the furniture for her home. Then one day, some veterans were volunteering in the Freedom Food Pantry that had trucks. Without a second thought, they volunteered to take the items and more to her home.

Veterans helping another veteran.  We are humbled by the real-life changing efforts that we are able to perform and grateful to be part of a team that pulls together to help.