Veterans Honored Through the Walls of Prison

Today, we want to share a very moving experience that our corporate office staff had through a lunch invitation from a Veteran’s group in a local prison.
Veterans Honored Through the Walls of Prison
These men made some poor choices, whether deliberate or as a product of their environment. Now they are enduring the consequences of those choices. These men have come together to do some good in our community through fundraisers within the prison that benefit local veterans. Our office staff and volunteers were invited to share a catered lunch at the facility yesterday.
Our group was very touched by the work they do to help us help veterans. Our conversations were “cut to the core” honest and deeply moving. We received a gift made with popsicle sticks, toenail clippers, and sandpaper. It’s beautiful and we will display it for our veterans to see.
We left there with the knowledge that even in prison, veterans are deeply appreciated and the community support for our mission is instrumental in our daily duties. We have hope for their futures beyond the gates and bars, and back into society. We have hope that society will give them a chance.
Take a look at the memories of yesterday’s event.