Veterans Gently Roll Into the New Year

Today, as we roll into the new year, we want to highlight a “Case of the Week” from our corporate office located in Liberty Township, north of Youngstown Ohio.
Recently, a very generous local couple stopped by our office to donate two fully functioning motorized wheelchairs. These chairs can even be used outdoors. They were driven into our reception/ waiting area in search of exactly the right veterans – we wanted to be sure that the recipients had the greatest need.
Over the next few weeks, our staff and volunteers kept a careful watch on the veterans that came to the office. Two veterans situations really stood out. One veteran had spent the last several years volunteering at Gleaners, a local Food Bank, until one day he fell off of the dock. He has since had multiple strokes and even a heart attack. His volunteering days are done, and now he needs help, so he was gifted one of the chairs.
The other chair was gifted to a veteran that has also sustained multiple strokes. This veteran can barely speak or walk and is in desperate need of ambulatory assistance.
We are so grateful for the donation and that we were able to help these two veterans, especially at this blessed time of year. These veterans are looking forward to a New Year with anticipation, knowing that their quality of life has improved and opened new opportunities.