“Veteran’s Future Bright with a New Beginning, a Clean Start”

A middle-aged veteran was new in town and went to our local VA. He was referred to Veterans’ Outreach for help. He had basically been thrown out of his home in another state and came to Youngstown where he knew someone he could stay with temporarily. We helped him with food, gas, clothing, and referrals to other places that could help him too.

He was really pleased with all we had done for him and came back again. He happened to meet up with me in the office. I don’t normally have the opportunity to meet the veterans that come here for help as I am not the Services Director. I had just gotten through with a call from a local businessman (veteran) that was looking to hire a veteran immediately for his industrial cleaning business. I was so pleased to have a part in getting these two veterans together.

I bumped into the veteran today, and he told me that he is doing better than he has in years. He is the #1 employee with the industrial cleaning business, the owner told him that he is “the best thing that has happened to his business”. He has a twinkle in his eye and a spring in his step.