Veteran Dresses for Success

This veteran first came to our office several years ago. He was behind on a utility and seeking employment. We were able to help with the utility and referred him to a local employer that was looking for help with security. He did get a job and has been working part-time. Occasionally, he gets laid off during slow periods. He has come back a few times for help, and he always enjoys browsing through the donated clothing in our “Heroes’ Closet”.
The security jobs he gets often require him to wear clothing that he does not have and can not afford; like sports jackets, ties, dress shirts, and slacks, and even dress shoes. Through generous donors that bring in unwanted clothing, this veteran has been able to dress for work with success and pride.
Recently, he was browsing through the clothing and comically bantering with another veteran about Veterans’ Outreach. He looked at his friend and with a very serious tone said that he would take a bullet for Veterans’ Outreach.