Veteran is Dressed Up and Ready to Go

An older veteran and his wife came to our office for an appointment with Bob, our Services Director. They needed help with their rent and some other small items. While talking with Bob, one of our veteran volunteers stopped by after attending a funeral. He looked very dapper in his suit and reminded us that he had gotten the suit from Veterans’ Outreach, through our
Heroes’ Closet Program.

The veteran with Bob said that he was very depressed because he had two family weddings coming up soon and wasn’t planning to attend either of them. When asked why, he stated that he didn’t have a suit to wear and his wife didn’t have a dress that would work for the occasions. Bob took them to our Heroes’ Closet and was able to hook the veteran up with 2 suits and his wife with several items. Clothing is donated by caring people just for this kind of purpose – to give back to a veteran at no cost.